Beta Readers needed for Part one of Historical Fiction

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, War, YA Fiction, Spiritual

Can she ever escape from the shadow?


Avigayil bat Abiyah.
Daughter of Abiyah.
Abiyah, who seemingly is the most upright man in all of Judea. A man who is set on helping his people gain true freedom, from the Romans, and any other power wanting to do them harm.
That is, until he is murdered, assassinated by the people closest to him.
Eleven years later, his daughter, Avigayil, follows in her father’s footsteps, but in her own way.
On the run, she joins a group of bandits called the ‘Orev’, or Ravens. Avi is as headstrong as her father, and in her mind, she only has two goals: the protection of the family she has left, and the revenge of her father’s wrongful death.
But the time she lives in is one of the most complex and unpredictable times in human history, one of bloodshed, betrayals, war, and rebellion.
Avi is set on avenging her father’s untimely death at the hands of the people he trusted, and this vengeance consumes her life. But with war soon approaching and her family caught in the cross-hairs, can she truly fulfill her goal and save herself and those she loves? In 64 AD, the Roman Emperor is mad, the Governor of Judea is corrupt, and in every corner, Jews like Avi find enemies lurking.

In the Raven’s Shadow follows Avi through this unpredictable time: through the Jewish Rebellion and Judeo-Roman wars, through Nero’s reign, through the blood year of Four Emperors, and through the Christian persecutions, all the war to the last of the Flavians.
Through all this, Avi must fight the powers without, and the growing shadow of hatred within.
Will she make it out of such a time unscathed?

In The Raven’s Shadow

Please, read the first five chapters I, 1, II, 2, and III (if you like it, continue!) and comment. PM if you would continue or not along with what I could do better and what is alright with the story,

Payment can include, critiquing your story, a follow, putting your story in my public library for followers to see, commenting on your own story, etc.

Thank you in advance!

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