Beta Readers Needed for Sci-Fi Novel!

Hey everybody!

My sci-fi novel titled “Cole, 2653” it follows the exploits of an android archaeologist.

“In 2653, android archaeologist Cole sells human relics to a genetically engineered population obsessed with the homo sapiens, who departed for greener galaxies centuries ago. When one of their spaceships suddenly returns, he finds his profession on the verge of extinction … as well as his grasp on reality.”

This story’s entirely written in the detached and emotionally limited perspective of the MC. I had a field day writing in his voice for a few months (I hope I didn’t overdo it). Be aware that it is slow-paced.

If you’re interested, comment below!

Feedback can be PMs, in-line comments … anything! Reply if you have any specifications.

In return, I’ll follow and/or give feedback on a story of yours!


I would love to beta-read some unconventional sci-fi haha. :slight_smile:
For payment, may you check out A Legacy of Mist and Fire, and if you’re willing, drop some feedback and let me know if/when/why you’d stop reading? We can do 5 chapter by 5 chapter feedback exchanges, if you like.

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This sounds like a very interesting book, If you’d like to read 5 chapters of my book "Fishbowl" then I could beta-read five of yours also. Let me know!

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Will get to your book in the next few days.

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Finished and gave some feedback.

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Thanks so much, I’ll start reading yours tonight

This story is still open for beta readers!

I feel cheap doing this (as in posting to jump this to the top of the Beta Readers category) … but this novel is still open for beta readers!

I will happily give this a read. No need for payment.

Are you still looking for readers?

Hey! I’ll gladly read it as well!


Very interesting premise, I will read through! (I might be a bit slow, but I will try to keep up)
I’m also writing sci-fi, although more “fi” and adventure, than sci! :slight_smile:
If you find yourself interested, I’m always happy about feedback! :slight_smile:

Why, yes! Feel free to read and give criticism. I’d love to hear your opinions!

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