Beta Readers Needed for SciFi Romance Novel - MATURE

Strings and Wire

I just finished the first draft of my Mature Romance Novel - Strings and Wire.
I am looking for some adult beta readers (18+ please!) to read it and give me feedback, suggestions, critiques!! I’m starting on the second draft now, and would appreciate feedback as I rewrite it!

This is a Science Fiction, Mature, New Adult Romance Novel. If you’re interested in being a beta reader, the click the picture to be linked to the story! If you’re not sure, I’ll include the summary below:

Maura Foster has spent three years married to a man who acts like a robot. Her husband Eric is constantly working and gives her little love or affection. She soon develops feelings for her modified household android, after molding him into the perfect man. She keeps her feelings to herself to avoid embarrassment or other repercussions and soon the only person who truly knows her heart, isn’t a person at all.

“So he can actually get aroused?” I asked shyly, waiting for her to laugh in my face. She didn’t, instead she grinned and winked at me.

“Yeah, that one took a bit of work.” She explained proudly, “He’s actually able to recognize things that are generally considered ‘sensual’ or ‘sexy’ and it triggers an automatic response similar to male arousal.”

“A physical response?” I asked raising one eyebrow suggestively, feeling less timid.

“Yeah, he’s got all the parts and will get a boner.” She nodded. I held back a nervous laugh and shushed her. "But you can turn that off, or turn down his sensitivity to arousal. It’s all completely controllable. He is just preset to ‘standard’ behavior.

“You will need to give him at least a little direction to start with, otherwise he will just have all the reactions and urges but he won’t do anything about it or even comment on it. So he could just walk in on you naked, get all hot and bothered, but continue working like nothing happened.”

“That’s awkward.” I whispered, she shrugged.

“Yeah but a lot of initial programming needs to be user specific so I didn’t want to make presets. Everyone likes different things, I want it to be a personal experience.”

“Okay, so tell me what I would need to do.” I inquired, she grinned and I quickly added, “If I do anything.”

“Silas is officially my favorite male protag…
EDWARD CULLEN WHOMST” - staymelanated

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read it!!

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Would you like to exchange notes through google docs or just on your story?

Thanks for asking!!!
I would definitely prefer them as comments on the story itself, so I can keep better track. Since a few readers have already left comments there. :heart::heart::heart:

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That sounds like an awesome premise. I am currently doing research for something similar (more focused on the AI side). Would you be willing to swap Beta for Beta? I have a novel that I would like to get more feedback on too.

This story looks so interesting! Def gonna add it into my library. I’ll be sure to leave some comments xx

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