Beta Readers Needed for teen fiction novel - payment will be provided

Title: The Diary Of A Teenage Girl

Genre: Teen Fiction - romance, somewhat comedy.

Mei has wished she was normal all her life. Getting bullied as a kid, mocked for falling over all the time, has left her trying to avoid as much sport as possible.

Although, despite being dyspraxic, she still couldn’t escape PE lessons, even when she got to Sixth Form.

One PE lesson, she falls over in front of her crush and he offers to teach her to kayak. She has mixed feelings about participating in a sport after loathing them so much.

Mei soon realises there’s more to worry about than being clumsy, though, when her crush’s ex brings herself into the scene.

Make a suggestion and I’ll let you know if it’s something I would be able to do in return.

Hi there! I’d love to beta read the story, and I don’t have anything for you in return so I’ll do it for free!

I’d love to read the teen fiction novel! I don’t need anything except maybe someone who can help me edit time to time.

Okay thank you so much! X

I’d be more than happy to help you edit! Just text me the chapters and which stories when necessary x

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