Beta Readers Needed for YA Coming of Age Story

Howdy! (or shalom, or hola, or whatever other greetings you prefer :slight_smile:)

So, I finished my story, Hephaestion, a few weeks back. It’s around 32k words, and it is a YA coming of age story. Now since it’s finished, I really need someone to go through, read it, and point out a few things such as grammar, consistency errors, and just let me know things that can boost general enjoyment.

Here's the Description

It’s the summer of 1987, and Elio Balotelli is ready to spend the summer with his best friend, Amos Galanos, before they part ways in the fall for college. However, disaster strikes, and what was supposed to be the best summer ever quickly turns into a two month period of tribulation for Elio, who is forced to deal with the sudden loss of a loved one, addiction, and all of the angst associated with the transition from boyhood into adulthood at once.

Thanks in advance! I can’t wait to get to know you and read your stories too!

Payment: I’ll read your book too! Or, I can do a permanent follow. Or anything else you can think of. TIA!

Still looking!

Hello! I’d be interested in beta reading your book, but I do have a few questions:

  1. What precisely are you looking to do with the beta reading (fix up errors and see where material is not clear or could be added, make the book longer/add plot, work on pacing and structure, etc.)?
  2. Is there any specific date/timeline you’d like the beta reading to be done by?
  3. Is it possible for me to do this over a shared google doc (because it’s easier than doing it on Wattpad, in my experience)?


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For the most part, all of this. I’m just looking for an extra set of eyes to make sure my book is enjoyable as possible. While I would like you to keep an eye out for grammar, my main concern is making sure there are no plot holes, that the characters are well rounded, and there’s no weak or confusing parts.

It’s around 32k words, so I’m not expecting a miracle haha. I’d prefer it to be done in about four weeks

Absolutely! I’ll just have to transfer over my document from Word

Okay, that works for me! You can PM me the manuscript whenever you’re ready.

Thank you so much!

hey! did you want anyone else?
I’d be happy to beta read also, it sounds interesting and I’ve seen your story around a bit aha.
Just let me know if you’re still interested :slight_smile:

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I’d totally be interested! Can never have too many eyes haha

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okk great! I’d be happy to just do it over Wattpad as I don’t really use google docs or anything else aha if thats okay…my book Lavender Monarch Has Exactly 13 Fears is two chapters from completion so I’d appreciate if you could look that over for me. It’s actually double the length of yours though so you don’t have the do the whole thing!! I look forward to starting on yours tonight. :slight_smile: Pm me if you have any specific questions to answer, etc.

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