Beta Readers Needed! Payment Included

I’m looking for another beta reader or two for my fantasy novel, off-wattpad story! I like to work through google docs, but I am open to other suggestions. I will beta read a story in return or complete another form of payment of your choice!

  • Title: Natural Mayhem
  • Genre and sub-genres: YA Fantasy
  • Description:

Mason Hawthorne had it all. And then he didn’t. The thoughts of other people begin to crowd his mind, and his life is put at risk more than once. Soon after an almost fatal confrontation, he learns the truth: his mind was manipulated when he was thirteen years old. He’s not human, his father is set out to capture him to use him as a weapon, and he barely remembers his childhood best friends or how to use his powers. He’s forced to race against the clock to prepare for a supernatural war and needs to get his old life back to do so, but things in the Natural world are far worse than he imagined.

Riley Jackson has lost it all. Her best friend was taken away and doesn’t even recognize her face. Her mother is dead, her family is torn, and fighting is the only thing she knows. When Mason is thrown back into her life and James Hawthorne kidnaps the people she loves most to use as leverage, she has to try not to get caught up in old feelings in order to be the best soldier she can be. If she can’t, the sacrifice could be too much to bear.

Please contact me for more information or just to chat. My wattpad username is ccassidy__

Thank you!

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What’s the word count?

I’ll pm you :))

About 110k!

Sounds great! My wattpad name is ccassidy_

I already messaged you :))

I didn’t get one, so I messaged you!

I messaged you back :))

I’ll have a look at it. Do you need my gmail address? I can pm you.

Yes, please pm me or email me at and we can chat :slight_smile:

I was about to ask if I could beta read before I’ve realised I’ve already done :sweat_smile:

Haha you did and it was VERY helpful! This is the edited round based off of comments I got from the round where you read for me this summer :slight_smile:

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I really loved doing it. It got me very interested though I’m not much of Fantasy type of person. It is an amazing piece of work.

Thank you so much! If you want to read the sequel, just let me know! It’s almost done haha :slight_smile:

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PM me once it’s done. You can share it with me once I reply. I might want to use list of characters because I don’t exactly remember whose power is what.

I definitely will let you know when it’s done and make a character cheat sheet for ya! You’re awesome!!

Could say the same about you. But please expect a bit late review. I might be busy for around two weeks.

It probably won’t be finished for a couple of weeks so that’s perfect :slight_smile:

That’s fine by me too then.

Hi I’d be happy to beta read