Beta Readers needed - Young adult contemporary fantasy

Hello everyone! I just signed up for Wattpad this week, and I’m trying to get feedback on Valeria’s story below. I’ll take any kind of feedback you an offer - story flow, characters, and writing. But the main thing I want to know is: Is Valeria’s story unique? Memorable? Relatable? And do you think her story will help inspire change, or controversy?

In exchange, I’m more than willing to offer my critique and editing services for free:
(see an example here - Here’s the story ad:

Sixteen year old Valeria Torres discovers she’s a Rogue; a mystical figure tasked with stealing from the wicked and giving to the poor.


For as long as she can remember, Valeria Torres has always been the girl no one cared about. Having immigrated to the United States as a child after her parents’ deaths, Valeria tried to play by the rules as she navigated orphanages, limited foster care, and homelessness. And yet, Valeria found the deck stacked against her, and winds up in a juvenile detention center for non-violent crimes.

Valeria’s string of bad luck finally comes to an end when she meets Frank and Jada Pipino, who introduce her to the Rogue Faction; a group of outlaws who use real world and mystical talents to steal from the wicked and give to the poor. Having been a girl that no one cared about for so long, Valeria discovers newfound purpose as she joins a new family in New York City, goes back to school, trains as a Rogue, and makes new friends. But when Valeria discovers that two of her new friends are teenagers from a rival faction, she finds herself thrust into the middle of a conflict that could determine the fate of the world.

A story that combines elements of Harry Potter, Batman, and Robin Hood with a unique female protagonist.

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