Beta readers needed!!

Hey all, so I’ve finished my story that I’m listing here a loooong time ago, and it’s in desperate need of editing and just overall polish. I would of course be willing to repay the favor in any way I could, just pm me and we can figure something out.

The description is this:
A writer sits in her apartment for days on end, searching for inspiration. She has a cabinet just for that, her own little cabinet of inspirations. One day she encounters a strange man she names Jericho, who changes her life forever. Follow this journey into the surreal.

The genre is a bit hard to categorize, but I would probably put it in either short-story or spiritual. Each chapter is either 500 words or under, and are written in a distorted viewpoint in order to characterize the character’s pov. They’re mostly written as snippets of her life, that when put together form an overarching story. Just a warning, it deals with topics such as mental illness and drug addiction.

Here is the link:

Let me know if this interests you. Looking to make new writer friends as well! :grin:

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sounds really interesting! do you still need beta readers?

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hey yeah i’d love that! sorry for the late response, i’ve been busy with stuff haha. i took down a lot of the chapters due to other suggestions i’ve had but feel free to still take a look!

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