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Hey guys! I just finished the 1st draft of my mature werewolf novel Rising Sun and before i start working on my edits i would love some feedback on the story as a whole. Its 36 chapters long not including my author’s note. If you’d like to read it but don’t care for the more intimate scenes feel free to skip them (i have them marked for convenience).


  • Rising Sun
  • Werewolf, Romance, action
  • Rowan had never cared much for rules. It was just as well that her very existence did not fit within tradition. As a female alpha wolf, she faces more than enough hardship ahead of her.

Under the watchful eye of her father Rowan sets out to resolve the history of her pack, and turn to the future.

With all four packs fighting for leadership, war is always a threat. But for Rowan, the greatest threat of all comes from her fated mate; Triston.

The next Alpha in line to lead the Sun pack, Triston’s entire life is focused on a singular goal; obtaining power. He leads the strongest pack in history, his sole purpose in living is to further his family’s legacy.

But when a wolf with hair like smoke turns out to be his mate Triston must decide which is most valuable: the love of his people or the love of his mate.

TIA if you’re willing to give it a go. If at any point you decide you no longer want to continue please let me know. I would love any and all feedback on why you loved or hated it. Payment can be discussed on a reader to reader basis. Thanks so much.

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Hi there - I think your story sounds very interesting and would be more than happy to beta read it for you. I’m a copywriter myself so I have years of experience around theme, branding and plot developement.

Let me know if you’re still looking for some fresh eyes!

Alyssa x

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I would love that. Thank you so much for your interest. I’ll pm on the main site you soon.

Hello! I would love to read your story and help you out :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! You can start whenever you’d like. If you’d like something in return please feel free to pm me.

Do you want my feedback on the chapters in the book?

Also would you mind following me if I do this?

Yes please. Most just story line and character stuff. And sure no problem.

I tried to find your profile and couldn’t. Could you post a link?

It’s lucy181033 without the extra 1 at the end. Wattpad forms did not let me use the same username for some reason.

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Found you :wink:

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