Beta Readers wanted for LGBTQ+ (BxB) Teen Fiction

Hello! I have just finished publishing the entire a beta version (draft five) of my story So Where Does That Put Us. I’m looking for readers who want to read a story about depression and other mental health issues and being gay in an unaccepting environment. It has mature themes as well and some triggering moments involving self-harm and sexual intercourse.
I would like people to point out as many issues as you find, grammatical and otherwise.
Story Details

So Where Does That Put Us

Genre: Teen fiction, Romance
Warning: Mature and LGBTQ+


Justin Ivanov has never led much of a normal life, but when his sister passes away, his entire world falls apart. Trapped in an abusive relationship and in a school where everyone is scared of him, Justin continues to deteriorate, pinning all his hope on his confused best friend, Ben Fulton. He struggles to keep his family together without them finding out the hidden secret of his sexuality. But the more he fails, the closer he gets to losing himself forever.

Ben Fulton doesn’t understand what depression is. He doesn’t understand why people have it or how to fix it. But when the sudden death of his best friend’s sister leaves him feeling empty, he comes too close to comfort with just what depression can make someone do. Trying to sort out his own emotions, sexuality, and future out, Ben also has to balance trying to save Justin. But the more he tries, the more his feelings grow for his best friend, and the closer Justin gets to destroying himself.

Payment: I’ll read up to five chapters of your story, with either editing advice or just positive comments about the story (whichever you prefer). I can give extensive constructive feedback if you wish. I’ll also follow you.

Let me know if you’re interested! If you want me to read more than five chapters I am flexible as well. And if I’m into a story, I always go to the end anyways.


I am absolutely wanting to do this, but I wouldn’t be able to start until the beginning of August. Is that ok?

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Yeah that’s alright! Whenever you have the time
Do you have a story you want me to look at in return?

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I have a Harry Potter fanfiction but if you’re not into that i have a lesbian pirate adventure im putting up starting August 1. I also have other stories on my profile, which should be linked in my bio so you can read whatever interests you :bluehearts: (I have this time bookmarked so I’ll actually read this book it looks like fun!)

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What’s the ship? I’ve actually written Harry Potter fan fiction so, I’m into it lol. But I’ll read whichever one you want me to read most

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Starts off ronmione, turns into a (joke of a) dramione. Thats prob my favorite work lol, but I never want to force someone to read something they hate : )

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I write drarry so it’s not my ship but I’ll read it if you want, I don’t mind

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I’d definitely be up for reading the story! I also write LGBT YA stories, so this is up my alley.

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Do you have a story you want me to read in return?

Nothing at All. It’s vampire with heavy fantasy themes. It’s completed and I’ve been transferring it over to Wattpad. It’s all of your story posted or are you going to send it to us over Google Docs?

It’s on wattpad.
Is yours on Google Docs?

I have four chapters posted l, which is enough for you to read as payment. What’s the word count for your story?

Alright, cool
It’s about 100,000 words.

How do you want my feedback? Inline, at the end of each chapter, or one big comment at the end of the book? I didn’t know how in depth you want me to go

I prefer inline, and you can go as in depth as you like.
Do you want me to make editorial comments on your story? Or just read it?

Hey, if you’re still looking, I’m down. If not, I get it, I’m a little late to the party :slight_smile:

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I’d love for you to read my story if you’re interested!
Do you have a story you want me to read in return?

It’s my first draft, so I know the grammar is a little rough. I just want to know if the characters are believable, the dialogue realistic, the pacing is realistic, etc. Basically treat it like you picked up the book at the store and you’re casually reading it.

Alright, I tend to make more stylistic than grammatical comments on stories anyways.
I’ll start it as soon as I’m done beta reading for someone else. Could you send me the link?

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I do, if you’re interested. One of the reasons I responded to this is because what you described is definitely my kind of book. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy reading what I have here.


Blurb/description: Ellery, a struggling writer, is looking to keep a roof over his head when he stumbles upon a small witchcraft shop looking for employees. Even after two years out of college, the only person he can really call a friend lives across the country.
Grey is tired of stocking shelves by themself. When they hear that the shop might be hiring someone new, they never would have expected it to be a goth boy with the prettiest eyes they’ve ever seen. They want to get to know him, but there are some things that they don’t want to have to report to their overprotective boyfriend.
As they go from strangers to acquaintances, they find themselves longing for a healthy relationship. Will they be able to overcome their own challenges and give this friendship a shot?

If you end up reading and happen have any suggestions for a new title, that’d be lovely. I put the current one down because I couldn’t just leave it blank, but the title has nothing to do with the story anymore, really. It’s in progress, so things keep changing.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that the bit of story posted on Wattpad isn’t my good (or rather, edited) copy, at least not for the majority of the chapters. I have an edited version on docs.

Now that that’s out of the way, I just wanted to say that I’ve never really done this before, so if you’re looking for someone with past experience in this, maybe I’m not the best person for this job. If you’re still considering me, though, just tell me what’s expected, and I’ll do my best.

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