Beta Trade for 12k short story (NEEDED BEFORE FEB 1)

Hey all -

I have a short story in need of some beta attention. It’s currently not on Wattpad because I’m submitting it to an anthology in the hopes of publication (if you’d like a sample before committing, I’d be happy to send something your way).

I know it’s pretty short notice but the deadline for submission is February 1st. I’ll need your feedback a few days before then so I can make edits as necessary. If you’re interested, let me know here or in a PM and we can work out details!

Genre: fantasy, romance (witches, witch hunters, magic, etc.)
Word count: 12.8k
Rating: PG-13 for fantasy level violence (nothing gory)
Quinn Hallick has known only the life of a witch hunter, cold, brutal, and always on the move with a sword in his hand. Corvina Lennox spends her days hidden away on an isle, surrounded by storm and sea. The bodies of witch hunters who have tried to slay her lie lost to the ocean’s depths. When Quinn and Corvina come face to face, can witch and witch hunter reconcile their differences? Or will they be forever locked in a battle of mutual hatred between hunter and hunted?

Other information:

  • The theme is “Halloween ghost romance”.
  • I prefer to work with Google Docs because it’s easier for me to read and comment than Wattpad’s system

Read up to 50k
Edit grammar, spelling
Make note of characterization inconsistencies
Plot holes (I’ll be honest, plot is not my strong suit, but I’ll help wherever I can)
Positive feedback (it’s just as important to know the good things with the bad things!)

What I will NOT read:
If your work involves any of the following topics, it’s a no-go for me:
Dark romance

What I am looking for:
Does the relationship hold your interest?
Is anything unclear or confusing?
Does the world building make sense?
Are there any scenes that are awkward, flat, boring?
The ending: which one fits better? (More details in a PM)

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I’m interested.

Great! I PM you!

I’d be happy to. I only have a few short stories, an ongoing rewrite of My Immortal (which you would not want to read) and a satirical collection of imagines, so I’m not thinking any of those really need beta readers. I kinda like attention though ngl so I’d be happy if anyone read anything on my account. However, I am a visual artist as well and have been struggling to come up with a good premise for a one page comic (as it’ll be my first time attempting one digitally), so if you have any ideas that would be nice. I’m a fast reader and typer, I could probably read and provide feedback within a day or two. If it’s a bit too late I understand though.

@silver_grill_adapt awesome! I’ll PM you!

im in :slight_smile:
oh just saw feb 1 sorry

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