Better story title poll

I’m working on a book and would like some help for a title (even a temporary one) I don’t have the official summary / plot written out since I’m on my phone. So I’ll do my best to give as much info as I can

Genre: Young adult, supernatural, mythical, dark romance

Bradley Galecki is a curatrix (defender of mortals) she’s also cambion (half demon half human ) she does her best to follow orders but her rebellious streak and curious nature tends to get her into trouble.

She finds her mirror in a mortal who unintentionally stumbles into the world of the supernatural. Being assigned to protect them Bradley life just got a lot more complicated, and dangerous.

Pretty much she finds herself while protecting a mortal who is basically a supernatural trouble magnet.

The series title is ** The immortalis institute**

Title options

  • Mortal Hearts
  • Mortal Bones
  • Mortal Veil

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I find that “Mortal Hearts” rolls off the tongue better and is a more memorable title.


Mortal hearts would be far more relevant…
Your protagonists are a human and a half human so…

The other two are catchy too… If it’s a series ypu could still use them somehow.

Also I got ‘mortal instruments’ connotations from your story I’d love to check it out!

Mortal Bones sounds cool. :man_shrugging:

Honestly, i like Mortal Hearts the best. It sounds like a fitting and great title for your story.

Not sure how I feel with any of them. They lack too much in relation to your story in my opinion. But the best one would be Mortal Veil in my opinion.