Quick couple of questions about how you like your beverages:


  • Black
  • Black with sugar
  • Milk
  • Milk and Sugar
  • Depends on my mood

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  • Black
  • Black with sugar
  • Milk
  • Milk with sugar
  • Depends on my mood

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  • Yes
  • No
  • Wot is dEcaF?

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  • Water over fizzy
  • Water over juice
  • Fizzy over water
  • Fizzy over juice
  • Juice over water
  • Juice over fizzy
  • Water over everything
  • Juice over everything
  • Fizzy over everything
  • I prefer hot drinks

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  • Green Tea
  • Exotic Tea
  • Only Water
  • Warm Beverages with Honey
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • I don’t drink anything
  • Other (Please specify in comments :smile: )

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Tho for the tea it depends on the flavor. ie I’d never mix milk with peach tea, yikes.


Gah, I forgot to add that :woman_facepalming:t4: myself, I mainly only drink mint or green tea, so idk how I forgot that :roll_eyes:


I like Thai tea… mostly for the colour


I’ve never tried Thai tea before! I love exotic tea and diff flavours!


For tea I don’t drink black and it’s more of either detox or dandelion.

Coffee, I use cream and sugar and I like both decafe and caffeine (as long it’s light)

That other though, I was gonna choose everything but no option for that :pouting_woman:


Damn. I wish we could edit polls :sob: it’s such a pain!


I know how that feels


it’s a bright orange color. it’s fairly pretty. especially before you mix it.

I drink alot of bubble tea LOL


I tried bubble tea for the first time a while back! It was meh but i think I picked the wrong flavour. I think a lemony/minty flavour would be great.


I’ve had mint milk tea once. I really liked it. but I’ve only seen one place with it


What’s fizzy? I’m assuming it’s soda? If it’s soda, then Fizzy is life LOL Though for my health I’ve had to cut down to no more than one a day.


Ooh, that sounds yummy! :smile:

Yup, @Prisim it is soda xD I couldn’t think of any other way to put it. Here we call them cold-drinks or just call all fizzy drinks Coke xD


I only drink water.

Why is that not an option?


I very much did not think this poll through :sweat_smile: it was a spur of the moment, and I was really curious.

I suppose you could tick “water over everything” in the last poll :smile:


I like drinking tea (mostly genmai cha).

As for coffee, I prefer lattes but will drink it black if given decaf.


I’ve not heard of genmai cha! Googled it xD Looks super interesting!

Lattes aren’t so common here, really. We’ve got, like, one Starbucks at the mall and only some coffee shops have a latte selection (unless I just don’t notice them on the menus xD)


(I’m assuming fizzy means soda, right? That’s what I put down, lol!)


Wut, no tea w/ honey?


I drink neither coffee nor tea :lumi: