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Hi all! I’m mary and I love procrastinating from doing work! So in the past, I’ve created feedback threads but I had to abandon them due to school starting and beating me up with all the work I have to do. (I also recently watched IT 2 and have strong feelings about Ben and Beverly hence the titles lol)
So, instead of making this formal with a ton of deadlines, this will be a very simple thread!

I’ll also only be accepting 3 people at a time :blush:

i’ll be offering 3 packages:

payment is a permanent follow
and will contain:

  1. a general review / critique of your first chapter only

payment is a 2+ line comment on chapters 1 and 2 of my story we are omens
and will contain:

  1. an in depth review of chapters 1 and 2 of your story

payment is a 3+ line comment on my chapters depending on how many chapters of your story you’d like me to read / review and a permanent follow on my account.

  1. I will only review up to 5 chapters (no more than 7k words in total)
  2. I will offer in depth reviews and critiques of each chapter of your story, depending on how many you request.


the FORM

Story Title:
Link to Story:
Short Summary:
PM or Comment?


  1. @SamAxelAcer // Vega of the Sky // working on it
  2. @seaofgreen // Slate // working on it
  3. @Multijoys // Brother Wolf // working on it


Package: Winter Fire
Story Title: Vega of the Sky
Genre: Fantasy/Mythology
Link to Story: https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/198772666-vega-of-the-sky
Short Summary: Vega loves sunrise yoga and pumpkin spice lattes- not magic. When her brother goes missing and the only person with answers is her almost hook-up, Cash, they must go to a magical world to retrieve her brother and get Cash’s missing memories.
PM or Comment?

Edit: I’m finished. Great story!

Accepted! (also wow thank you for doing the payment so quickly omg)
I’ll get onto your story today :))

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The first package, please
Title: Slate
Genre: Teen Fiction
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/159718323-slate-✔
Summary: The family life of twins Will and Athena Slate is thrown into disarray when their father announces the return of an estranged older brother, Charlie, who disappeared seven years ago due to a violent confrontation.
Comments would be lovely :heart:

Thank you so much! I’ll give you a follow right now :slight_smile:

Package #3
Story Title: Brother Wolf
Genre: Werewolf
Link: Brother Wolf
Short Summary: The recently created King of the Werewolves begins his chosen life- helping those forced to become werewolves and stopping leaders who use abuse and intimidation to rule their packs.
In-line comments are fine.

The prologue (which is a summary of sorts of the first book, which was a coming of age story and the crowning of the king) and the first three chapters hit the 7k word count, but if you’re willing to do more, I’ll do more on yours. Just let me know.

Looking forward to this!

Package: January Embers
Story Title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess
Genre: Fantasy
Link to Story: https://www.wattpad.com/story/168611872-the-legend-of-the-moonflower-princess
Short Summary: Sahara, the ward of the royal family of Dasos, struggles to live in a society that shuns her everywhere she turns. When the prince, who she considers a little brother, is kidnapped by the minions of a mad sorcerer, she must journey through a magical, yet perilous, world in order to rescue him.
PM or Comment? Comment is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

My first chapter is split into two parts (due to chapter length) so you can just read the first part if you want

Accepted! Because of school work and such, I’ll only do the prologue and the first 2 chapters if that’s alright :))


@jgrace2197 sorry but denied because I usually am not great at reviewing high fantasy stories since I’ve been struggling with it myself
@cringeworthypoet accepted but I won’t be working on it until I clear up a space in my queue! so you don’t need to do the payment yet!

That’s fine, I appreciate it.