BIG announcement coming tomorrow from HQ after the AMA by Studios' Head of Publishing at 1p!



Strap in, guys–there’s some news coming soon.

I can’t tell you yet.

And it’s not what you’re thinking.

Or maybe it is.

But it is huge news.

I might even get in trouble for posting this.

I can’t wait to share.

Here is a clue:


I’ll be giving you another clue tomorrow at 10 AM EST.

Announcement will be right after Ashleigh’s AMA at 1p.

And a tiny hint:


Did you figure out my clues?

We’re all being given baby goats!




Two baby goats of my very own? You like me. You really like me!


shipping costs are going to be bonkers


Not to mention importing animals into the us.



My only thought when I see baby goats is Pandean




I really tried to make this mysterious to capture you all. I don’t think I succeeded


Maybe we’ll all be getting Wattpad swag/goodies? :slight_smile:


Announcement? Hmm–what could it be? I was trying to think of a cool or funny response here, but my mind is totally stuck on baby goats. I totally want a baby goat. Or a sloth!!! I hope we’re getting sloths!!!


How about Goatsloths! Maybe Wattpad can create an entirely new species!


I spot little Belgian Milk sheep lambs!

We’re all getting woollen sweaters in the design of @Prisim’s t-shirt! :smile: