Biggest Flaws in Your Favourite Genre


Oh my god. I need to know the name of this story :joy:


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“I don’t write #ownvoice or anything diverse, now I’ll never be published :sob:

Except the vast majority of published books are still written by white, straight men. About white straight men.


It’s called Feral :joy:

Prepare for a good laugh in the comment section when I use the word “aeroplane” instead of “airplane”

Oh, and cigarettes are referred to as “fags”

And “fuck” is probably the MC’s favourite word.


I don’t know if Nephele is still at it, but you could give it a shot!,38164.0.html

Or Fantasy Name Generator (long may it reign) has a pretty fun steampunk generator:


Y’all can call me A W sreaiFr from now on.


“I am Aw’sraefr, first of my name and last of the Seers of the Alabaster Cliffs.”


I love writing fantasy but I do feel like people are stuck in this Tolken style of writing fantasy.

What I mean by this is that people aren’t creative anymore and just reuse the whole Orcs, Elves, dwarves, goblin race over and over again with very little changes. It limits the writer by keeping them in a safe space when they could take that first step out of the circle to create new mythological creatures each with their own impact on the world.

That’s my biggest critique of the genre.


My whole world changed when I realised Fantasy =/= High Fantasy.

Subgenres is where it’s at.


Hell yeah!


I won’t lie the same thing happened to me lol. Back then I didn’t know the difference between the two Jaja


Agreed! However I do admit I will always have a fondness for epic/high fantasy.

My partner and I are quietly chipping away at a beast of a book series that’ll have, if we succeed, the feel of an 80s/90s epic fantasy novel but the updated cast and divergence from rigid tropes that the genre so desperately needs.


Me neither. I thought Fantasy was all Tolkien and there was nothing else.

I think it’s something that is still happening today. Like how a lot think Sci-Fi = Star Wars / Star Trek and nothing else.


Same thing! I really enjoy the idea of high fantasy and I love to read it, but it’s not my favorite thing to write


Oh, I have nothing against epic/high

I love it!

I’m just tired of the Tolkien’esque fantasy at this point. I like when there’s something new and exciting happening. Like a new source of inspiration. Like the setting not being old-timey England.


It’s just the lack of knowledge really. Since Star Wars and LOTR are so popular they just generalize those two example as what fantasy and sci fi are when they’re really high fantasy and opera sci-fi… I believe? Lol

I believe Star Wars is an opera or maybe it’s a different word I’m thinking of lol


I’m giving it another go after years of only writing Urban and it’s fun!

But in fairness it’s Urban/High (urban’ish setting - completely made up world)

I still enjoy High. And Tolkien. But I’m just not looking for yet another book written in the same way. Tolkien is already here. No need to reuse his entire world.


Lol I play in a very traditional D&D world, so I don’t need to read about it too


I think Star Wars is Hard Sci-Fi/Space Opera.

Tolkien is all High Fantasy.

But you kind of need more than just basic understanding of genres and subgenres which I don’t think the majority has. I certainly didn’t until a few years ago :joy:


I know the feeling. I feel like the D&D related series some of us read growing up were all pretty similar. I once got into a panicked debate with a friend over whether Catti-brie was Drizzt Do’Urden of Forgotten Realms’s spunky, red headed, buxom bar wench love interest or Caramon Majere of Dragonlance’s spunky, red headed, buxom bar wench love interest. I’d just utterly forgotten what Tika Waylan’s name was despite my love of Dragonlance.

Confession: I had to look it up just now to properly retell this story.


SPACE OPERA! That’s what I was thinking of lol.