Biggest Flaws in Your Favourite Genre


It looks like everyone has already torn into fantasy.


I’ll throw one up here that can apply to any genre. The character who’s an abusive, cold asshole because Something Bad™ happened to them in their past. And then the author pulls the whole They’re not awful, they’re just Misunderstood™ shtick.

Why can’t they have a horrible past and still be nice, or at least a semi decent human being? That happens in real life y’know? Why is abuse being given a pass because of a Tragic Backstory™?


Don’t be afraid to add something you haven’t seen mentioned! Some genres are just more popular than others in these discussions because they have a lot more really blatant issues.


I hate when this happens. A tragic backstory can be an explanation for a character’s actions, but it shouldn’t be an excuse.


I can’t think of anything right now, but if I do, I’ll be back. :sweat_smile:


Because adults are boring apparently.

I love me some beefy men. :weary:

I wish there were more male lead that were like that. I’ve grown tired of male lead’s with the Kirito look.

The only time I ever had a teen(pre-teen actually) was in my ongoing novel. But even so, he always needed guidance. He can’t even read or know the difference between east and west to save his life. He’s still under supervision of adults around him who accompanied him. :joy:


”He drew his arrow, hitting at a horizontal distance of 200 m/s and a vertical velocity of of 65m/s with a time of flight of 20s at an angle of 45 degrees…


The only guild I only accept is Fairy Tail. Hands down.

Depends to me. :thinking: Sometimes this trope is well executed. Most of them have royals that just run away for no heck of a reason.

Well, I mean, if the farmer used to be some sort of a warrior or a superhuman, it would make sense?

Guilty with this one. :joy: But my MC was already aware he was someone different, but it does go somewhere that he’s more than that.

What? :joy::joy:


Ugh. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Sworn Enemy: Y

Me: (Lands a small pun)

Sworn Enemy: How dare— how??? HOW???


We should join a generic tournament arc.


I call dibs on the big breasted bimbo who spends most of her time crying on the seats and making too many flashbacks about her love with the main character.


I call dibs on that one guy who looks like he has no chance of winning…but then wins.


i dont read anime inspired stories but the hell?? why so much un needed detail in a fight scene




i (kinda) fall into the trope of bad guy and clueless innocent girl. But im trying to create diversity and be uncliche as possible while arguably being cliche sometimes. But its incredibly hard since i’m doing fantasy, romance AND werewolves.


Cliche over powered cold and emo alpha wolf of said overpowered and most powerful pack see’s mate: shouts “mate” at innocent mate/omega mate/human mate/abused mate and majically heals said mate over 10 chapters making said 11+ pointless (idm it when iit makes sense though or is written well)

romance: bad boy falls for innocent girl. bad boy falls for nerd girl. bully falls for innocent girl. ect. for boys. popular girl falls for schools reject (vice versa) its just so UGH. which is why im going to look into cyber punk as a genre to create diversity in my writing.

Also that one gay character. just no.


just… Fantasy. vampire, werewolves, mages/witches/wizards/sages/casters/anything which means the SAME DAMN THING.

main character has a sword. has side kicks where the female tries to be the badass woman but just NO. why not a gunbai, a mace, a kusarigama or chakrams or a whip. there are so many weapons in the world why JUST a sword?

that being said im glad mystery and crime are my main focal points for my story even though its based in a highschool/secondary school which is bloody CLICHE!


Anime enjoys monologues.

You should try watching the original anime of the Ghost in the Shell series(yeah, the one with Scarlet Johansson in the new movie). Goodness, so much monologuing. :joy::joy:


the human adaption? ive watched that… i think i fell asleep half way through cant remember :sweat:


We are the same! I have a teen lead accompanied by (badass) adults in her journey. Without them she can’t survive, and since the alien lord predates on women of childbearing age to impregnate them, she’d better not go alone.


When you’ve got a story where most of the time the male lead is just coping with his female lead’s bull for trying so hard to be “badass.”

Also male lead hardly uses a sword.

To be honest, there is definitely a lot of settings in high school. College is nice too. Post-secondary ones are not as common. :thinking:


You can’t really make sense of the movie unless you’ve watched the series with a bunch of monologuing. :joy:

I was glad they cut off some of the chatters.