Biggest Flaws in Your Favourite Genre


I’ve ever critiqued the fight scenes in anime-inspired books, and most of the time, the authors say:

“This is what I exactly picture in my head and it feels epic, so I think readers must get the exact picture to feel the epicness.”


fair enough but ive read some stories with good fighting scenes which dont sound tedious and that you can read through them pretty easily


YES! Why does it have to be swords all the time? I’d love seeing MC wielding big freakin’ hammers, clubs, axes, morning stars, and spears/pikes.


also fire does NOTHING all the damn time!!


My male lead is witch-hunted for being born into soemthing he didn’t choose. He’s technically dead. He can control his heart beat or even stop it anytime. Breathing isn’t even a hassle for him(they test out if you’re a witch by intentionally drowning you. If you’re still alive, then you’re a witch). However, he’s still vulnerable to being used like a tool/weapon and is extremely inexperienced. He’s also illiterate and has the terrible sense of direction. :joy:

Yep. He needs adults.


God do I hope no one solves this. :joy:

I don’t think this is really accurate calculation.


That sounds very fun, I like it when characters have no sense of direction.


Im actually trying to figure this out…


Projectile motion.


im trying to figure out things such as air resistance, gravity, and general physics such as push vs pull


Ugh, with my poor physics skills (I just flunked at this subject during my univ selection exam), I’ll pass this one. :joy:

At this rate, I’m like, “Please, your readers can fill in some of the missing choreography by themselves!”


i just remembered another poor romance trope. overly used “cute” nicknames.


this is why i laughed so hard when someone called their partner “pancake”


Also, I’m not sure if this is that common in Fantasy genre but sometimes there are prologues starting with an “epic” fight.

Characters are why I want to read a fight scene, no matter how long (unless you abuse clockwise, counterclockwise, and their unimportant details buddies), to the end, but if I don’t know anything about the characters yet, I feel more compelled to skip it.


ah the classic amedia res. its understand able and i have no idea if this is common in fantasy-action


Nah, I call my boo “NaHCO3 + C6H12O6 + C14H45N5O8 + H2O“


:laughing: the fact that i understood most of this… smh


I make too many science jokes, I apologize. :joy:


its fine


Politics Very Simplified. King or Queen, pick one. With the naivete that was dated back in the eighteenth century, the fantasy keeps propagating the delusion that if only the put a Good King/Queen on the throne, that’s you happy ending & solves stuff. Unfriggingbelievable.

Tyranny, Too Stoopid: I am even more tired of the tyrannical post apocalyptic governments that create arbitrary sets of rules of no practical aim, but a nepharious goal to keep ‘everyone’ a slave… even more unfriggingbrlievable.

Trifgrumalion, The God of Something: The treatment of worldbuilding as ‘let’s come up with twenty names for the gods of something’

History on logarithmic scale: what happened 10K years ago, 100 years ago, and on the year of the MC’s birth.

The Great Divide by Sewing: Women who never are allowed to do anything but sewing. Sewing is universally hated, all cool girls want to be swords-women instead. The rest of the women sew, and therefore are uncool.

I find it depressing just how unaware most writers of fantasy are of history and literature, and think that fantasy is a shortcut to writing glory because they can just ‘make things up’. They seem to have no understanding of the difference between making up characters and settings based on knowledge of reality, and making up based on nothing or a few movies…

And I will never understand that whistful nostalgia for absolute monarchy.