Biggest Flaws in Your Favourite Genre


For werewolf AND romance: That “alpha” means physically dominating, leading through domination, dark, brooding, “strong,” someone who fights, someone with a quick temper, etc.

Drives me crazy. That describes social climbing betas, not alphas. Those are characteristics of insecure people and/or people with anger issues, not true leaders.


My favorite genre is generally teen fic/ young adult romance.

I do notice that often times when the mc is written as a strong woman who says what’s on her mind and doesn’t take crap, she’s actually a bully and easily the antagonist in another characters book. She’s mean, yet praised for it by other character’s and can do no wrong.

Then there is the element of family. They are either abusive ir rich and gone most of the time. Or one or both parents are dead. I feel like a lot of writer’s are missing out on a pretty great opportunity.


Fanfictions are awesome, but it is hard to be original in them. Also, you put a lot of energy into it, and it may not even be worth it, because the popular fanfictions are exactly like yours.

Romance and general YA stories are my favourite. I can neer get enough of them. However, they overuse the same mediocre story of a not-like-other-girls protagonist, a bad boy who is an a—hole and should not be glorified as the perfect partner, and a series of unrealistic expectations of what a real relationship is. Lack of platonic relationships between main characters


I meant. Farmers who are neither. Just. a farmboy who has only been a farmboy his entire life, until like his mom gets killed or something and he realizes he’s the secret heir to the throne or a knight or some shit and he’s IMMEDIATELY good at being so like. all you’ve done all your life is growing plants and maybe chasing off wild animals fam.


that reminds me this isn’t just a fantasy-specific thing but one I’ve seen a lot of like. what is up with killing the parents [mostly the mom lol] at the beginning or towards the beginning of the narrative? it’s supposed to like. incite the main character [usually male] to go out and do whatever the plot requires them to do. Why, though? Why is a death necessary to make you go out and do something?

In general, really, what’s with the violence against women used to incentivize the mc. Get outta here with that.

That’s probably why I hate a lot of the classics tbh because it’s all about boring milquetoast men doing nothing but sadly jacking off until some ~mystery~ [younger] woman comes along to add flavor to his life until she dies or gets kidnapped or decides to have feelings for five fucking seconds and realizes she doesn’t want him or something.


Plot line sounds familiar…

Eyes King Arthur


Yeah, it is known that giving birth to heros is the leading cause of death in fantasy. All women over 40 who spot a potential in a male child to become a hero must run for the hills. Checking out the potential boyfriends for heroic genes is also highly recommended. If he tells you that he is really a prince from another dimension, follow your instincts and dump his sorry ass. This way he gets his character development venue, and you get to live.


I am actually partially guilty of this trope. :joy:

My MC(male, of course), has a dead mother. His plot has nothing to do with revenge though. He’s actually running away for the most part.


And waaaaaaaaaaay more practical than breeches made of restrictive, non-stretchy fabric. Got forbid those pants are baggy to compensate for the fabric, more to grab.