Bilingual Translations


I enjoy translating songs (JP>Eng) a ton, and I’m wondering if members interested in translating could come together and trade ways of making the process more natural. Maybe we could even help each other out with quick questions about the trandslations. All language-learners welcome!

My threads die very often. I have a strand of hope for this one


Oh, this is perfect for Kimmy!


I’m currently working on Kikuomiku 5’s Pino Polaris the Monster and holy shit is it sad.


Having a problem with writing the pronouns kikuo meant tho


Hey, I’m Dutch but am better at English by now


Have you translated your books before? :>


nope. because I know there aren’t many Dutch people out there and I’m horrible at Dutch grammar and spelling because it’s so weird and hard


Ah well. At least you can say you know it a bit. cx


I’m learning JP to do subs.


Nice! It’s a hard task but fun.


hai. hountou ni.


Would be hontou>ほんとう>本当


I didn’t stick it in google translate. I have a better ear.


Gotta practice eyes too cx


I can recognize some but not write it back.


Hi! Right now I’m translating some of my stories in Spanish to English. I’ve found it hard specially because I find Spanish way richer and English more concise.
What I’ve been doing lately is, instead of literally translating, rewriting paragraph by paragraph as if I was writing in English for the first time and it feels a lot better!


Well I’m a translator in French, English, Italian, Persian and Russian (but this one is harder lol)


French? My buddy, a writer friend has a book in french that they want translated. Are you free/available/priced?


They want it translated in English ?
Yes I can but as I have a big exam at the end of June I’ll not be able to translate a lot until July.
For the rest it depends of the length of the book and the length of the chapters :smiley:


I can help out with Danish, Faroese, Swedish and Norwegian! :smile:


I can help with Hindi translations :slight_smile: