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Okay, hope I put this in the right thread this time.

I’m looking for any stories with clichés, but they should make me want to read on and basically binge read and comment spam and be a total fan of you and your book(s)!

Good grasp of grammar and language please.
English only.

I prefer romance and teen fiction but honestly if your genre doesn’t fall under those two categories I don’t particularly mind if you want to share your story as long as it has some semblance of a story that creates intrigue and interest enough to keep a reader hooked.

If I don’t end up reading your story please do not be disheartened, we all have our preferences! Even though I’m willing to read most if not all types of content I do have a preferred genre and type of book haha :laughing:

If you’ve entered into my awards contest I’m afraid I’ll have to wait until later to read your book so that it’s fair to everyone who enters!

Happy sharing!



Mine makes fun of a lot of cliches and romance, if that counts. haha. I’ve had a lot of people tell me it’s super binge-able/have had a lot of readers who have binged it.

The humor keeps it rolling for most people, I think ^^

Edit: Oh I totally realized I have my novel entered in your contest. HA! That might disqualify it lol

The UnTitled



A Comedic,
Chapters: 42
On going
Updated twice weekly


Charlie is one of the [un]lucky few who get titled a ‘Damsel’ at birth. When her hero comes to sweep her off her feet, she learns that her destined adventure is the land’s next great erotic romance tale. The problem? Charlie is completely and hopelessly asexual.
She can only hope for a way to escape her fate, and for someone to take her far, far away. But there are worse things in Relme than long flowing locks of hair and moonlit abs.

Especially when you deny your appointed destiny.


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Hi! Mine has the boss/employee trope, coupled with the good guy/bad guys love triangle!

However, I would say that even though it has cliche scenario, it doesn’t feel like deja vu or anything like that!




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Andy is young and full of life. She is quite the genius with a keyboard, and she has a real talent when it comes to programming. She might be considered a bit of an eccentric, as most of her interests place her in the geeks and nerds category. She has just started her new job, in a new city, at a very promising firm.

Everything seems to be going great, except that she is a woman in a field ruled by men, and she will have to work twice as hard as anyone to prove her worth. She intends to do just that, but her arrogant, seemingly misogynistic boss is in the way.

As the days pass, she bonds with Oliver, her co-worker, with whom she shares a lot of interests. With Oli, everything is easy and comes naturally, it’s like they have known each other forever, and she starts to wonder if maybe he isn’t the one for her.

However, as hard as she tries, she can’t shake the very conflicting feelings she has toward her obnoxious boss. It doesn’t matter if he is cold and seems to think that his IQ dispenses him from being polite in any way, her body won’t listen to reason.

Torn between her reason and her needs, Andy does her best to keep a sane mind, while still handling a job that she won’t lose for anyone…


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“What are you doing?” I asked, not minding if I sounded aggressive.

“Well, I am very curious to see you in action,” Alexander argued. “Is there a problem?” he asked, reaching for his glasses, tucked in his collar.

“I’d prefer to work without you hovering,” I answered, unapologetic.

“Tough luck,” he simply replied as he put his glasses on.

I was about to send him an acerbic remark when my brain forgot how to operate. Oh my… With those glasses, he had just gone from Kal-El to Clark Kent real fast, and I couldn’t decide which version I preferred.

My body couldn’t care less about the fact that he was an ass, and I felt the urge to clench my thighs, to suppress the need that was slowly growing between them.

How was I supposed to focus on my work?


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First has a enemies to lovers, second has amnesia cliche.

ARLH features a heroine on the spectrum. ALAYLM has a quirky songwriter who writes hilariously bad songs. Both are complete.

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Here’s a billionaire cliché for you:

CEO Seto Kaiba visits his brother Mokuba’s side venture in California and goes on a power trip, threatening to fire Mokuba’s best employees and calling the art director’s girlfriend a whore. Who will win the ultimate battle for control? Join the Kaiba brothers at the Silicon Valley Game Developers Summit to find out!'s-prostitute

Well, funny you say that, coz I’ve only recently been told my stories are ‘made for binge-reading’ (cc @DavidEAnderson100 :laughing::wink:) so I present to you my brood of Ingrid stories:

°main series:

Whiskey Latte - completed novella

Vodka Espresso - ongoing novel (I only mention it because it’s the direct sequel to Whiskey Latte, but feel free to skip it until it’s complete & ready for a binge :wink:)


Wasted - completed short story

Experiment - completed novella

Also, right now I’m reading David’s completed novel Bright Midnight - quite catchy read! - and before that, The Reason I Exist by @Norwood515 had me on the edge of my seat through all its twists and turns!


Ahahaha I saw your book title and I was like hmmmm I want to read it but what if I have to judge it

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:thinking:I think you’ve already read my story

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Hi there! My story is science fiction with multiple POVs. I really hope you give it a read and enjoy it. Have a great day!


Title: Elemorts

Description: Planet Karomoz - the central hub and heart of a galaxy with numerous hospitable planets - is ripe for the taking. The rulers have grown corrupt, the army indolent and the Karomozians themselves just couldn’t care less who holds power as long as they lead their luxurious lives unperturbed.

Twenty strangers - the Elemorts to-be - from twenty different home planets, visit Karomoz, each with their own reasons and motivations and each armed with a different elemental power.

Once on Karomoz, their fates get intertwined in unlikely ways and two factions are formed, locked in an ongoing battle for what each side believes in; a battle not of good versus evil but a battle of gray versus gray.



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Oooo I’ve seen you posting your story here and there but haven’t managed to read it yet! I’m glad you posted :))) adding yours to my list

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Hey :slight_smile: My story is romance, and I usually receive favorable feedback about it, so I hope it worth a try for you :slight_smile:

Title: Finally Love!
Genre: romance/dramedy/LGBT+
Blurb: Fanny, a young lesbian woman seraches for her place in the world and it takes her somewhere she never thought she could ever belong. Despite being headstrong, rebellious, free spirited, and a little arrogant - so everything that a soldier shouldn’t be - she finds herself in the military, but the hardest part comes only after that. Before she could even realize, someone steals her heart, but unfortunatelly for her, that someone is her straight best friend who lives in a happy relationship.
She has never truly been in love before, and this particular case would be challanging even for someone much more emotionally prepared than her. She has to grow up somehow to handle the unrequited love as an adult should, it’s just not clear how she will do that.

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Omg your covers are so pretty. No brainer though considering you designed my cover hahaha totally recommend @witchoria for book covers y’all! I’m going to add yours to my reading list :)))))


Man everyone who entered my contest is posting haha I can’t really read them if I’m going to be judging them, it would be quite unfair to others who entered! But I’ll definitely keep yours in mind for after the contest

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Do you like horror, mystery or thriller?

Do you want your paybacks set right against those who made you suffer and hate? Learn with this story how to repay the wrongs suffered with interest
Some people get happily ever afters.

Some people don’t…

Because not everyone realizes their fate lies in their own hands.

Marilyn wishes for a better life, but every time she gets close to one, it is ripped away by those with poison in their hearts. She wishes for a knight in shining armor to come and save her from the Snakes, but when no prince comes to rescue her, Marilyn takes up arms and learns for herself how to defeat evil and injustice.

And maybe even learn how to do so yourself.

Finally it’s our turn and we will have our wrongs set right once and for all.

We will not let our enemies win once again. That time is over

Join Marilyn on her quest to stand up against those who wish to put her down.

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Hihihi! Yeah, I’ve been spaming the SYS section like my life depends on it x’)

I only post when it’s relevant, though, and I had a good number of people binge reading it and voting for every chapter in the span of a day, so I’d say it fits your criteria!

As for the clichés, I feel like everything has been done, especially in romance, so there is no way to write something absolutely clicheless. The best one can do is give their fresh take on a trope that’s been done so many times, which is what I’m trying to do :wink:

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Nice username hehe :)))) I’m interested to read these! Going to add them to my list

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Hey there @mandapanda96,

I recently completed my first story. Maybe you’ll enjoy it. :blush:

(this is a clickable ad)

Genre: Urban fantasy/paranormal romance



Great, thanks so much! :grin: Hope you enjoy them :heart:

My readers seem to be really hooked with my story right from the beginning until the end. I’d also say my grammar and spelling is decent, as I work really hard on that. You may enjoy the book, too :slight_smile:


Blaze in the Darkness


The death of the Beast Collector was the beginning of a new life for firefox kit Zanixa.

Sold to a werewolves as an illusion in a bottle, the pack is reluctant to take responsibility for the fox kit who is alone in the world. Now she’s freed after centuries of imprisonment, the pack’s resident vampire takes care of her.

Zanixa has other ideas than staying with them, though. She is eager to find her mother… if her mother is still alive. The world is a big, dangerous place for a young magical fox who knows nothing about werewolf wars, hungry rogues, or nature spirits.

Here’s the link :slight_smile:

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