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Payment - (1) Comment non- criticizing pls. on either of my stories.


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Hey you! I‘m still using your amazing cover. :heart_eyes:

Good luck with your shop :cherry_blossom: And now I’m so tempted to request something…:joy::see_no_evil:

Former Request

Kind of new to this whole trailer stuff so please let me know if I’ve missed something:



TITLE: A Celestial Requiem

SHORT SUMMARY: “A Celestial Requiem” tells the story of a young woman, Mingxia, who lives in Shangzihua, an impoverished village that lies on the outskirts of Wuzhen. Ever since she was a child, she experienced nothing but distrust and hostility. They knew she wasn’t human and they were fearful of her capabilities.

Mingxia tries to quietly live out her life in the shadows as an herbalist to show the villagers that she can bring about a positive change, but fate won’t allow her. She’s tormented with dreams of a mysterious woman and a prophecy about the Tarot that she is expected to fulfill.

To make matters even more complicated, the Crown Prince enters her life and she can’t help but feel a strong, unbreakable connection to him. Mingxia must struggle with her feelings for the Crown Prince and her identity all while coming to terms with a prophecy that could jeopardize the future of the realm of Naestrirea and its mythical inhabitants.

IDEAS: I would really love it if you could capture the romantic relationship between the leads as it serves as a catalyst to the following events in the novel. In terms of antagonist, I would love it if you included a female character with a dark aura (and dark clothing if possible). All characters would be of Eastern Asian descent (specifically Chinese), except for the goddesses.

FACE CLAIMS: protagonists: Yang Zi for Mingxia and Deng Lun for Crown Prince Liwei, Emily Blunt for the goddess Solas, Charlize Theron for the antagonist and creator of the Tarot, Nocturna

MOODSCHEME/THEME: Love / Heartbreak, Ancient Chinese Drama


ANYTHING ELSE: I can be pretty flexible if you come up with something a lot more simple than I’ve provided. Though, just to keep in mind that this is for a high fantasy novel that takes place in the 1800s. Just let me know if you have any questions, thank you for your consideration!

Silence is Violence.

additions: There are two characters (goddesses) that represent light and darkness. The best thing I could find that illustrated it in a way that I liked was from Winter’s War (Snow White and the Huntsman). The scenes with the blonde-haired woman wearing black fit the overall antagonist well.

1, 2

Since the Tarot play a pivotal role in this series, here is a video of some of the cards from the deck that I had in mind:
(The ones with the swords, 8:21 time mark is what I’m most interested in)

Another option is to just use the still image with all of them on top of each other:



TEXT: Mingxia

IDEAS: Primarily images with gold coloring, including gold dragon scales.


INSPO PICS:1, 2, 3, 4

ANYTHING ELSE: The character is a Queen, so any references to her position (crown) would be good. She also loves books and plants (she’s studying to be an herbalist).

others to be added later ^^

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TITLE: Rayne On Me

SHORT SUMMARY: Dayna Rivers is NOT okay. After several drunken episodes following the unexpected death of her guardian and grandmother, Brenda, not even her large inheritance can fill the whole she left behind. In an attempt to rehabilitate Dayna and mend the relationship between them, Dayna’s mother, Evelyn, enlists the aid of Brandon Rayne, a renowned live-in therapist with a dark past of his own. As Brandon fights the feelings that he begins to develop for Dayna, he struggles with a past of his own that threatens to tear them apart.

IDEAS: I would like about 3-4 intimate scenes, a scene with Mackenzie crying, a dinner date scene, and a scene with a door opening (I want it to look like Barbara opened the door for Ian), perhaps a scene of Barbara in the bathroom and a scene of her waking up

FACE CLAIMS: (VERY necessary) Barbara Palvin As Dayna Rivers, Mackenzie Foy As Young Dayna, Ian Somerhalder As Brandon Rayne, Kate Upton As Beverley Benson

MOODSCHEME/THEME: Dramatic, Seductive, Mysterious / Love, Lust, Recovery, & Redemption

SONG SUGGESTION: Safe Inside- James Arthur Or Say You Won’t Let Go- Jules Aurora

INSPO: (Links Only) One Two Three Four

ANYTHING ELSE: Silence is Violence

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Trailer Form


TITLE: Cecelia And The Unexpected Day Of School(The Paramounts Book 1)

Short Summary: Ceceilia’s first day of night school gets interrupted by a seductive vampire(Marius). He seduces Ceceilia’s friends by dancing seductively and singing to them in a sensual manner. Then, he sucks their necks and moans sensually. Finally, he kisses their lips goodbye. Suddenly, Ceceilia goes to the garden and finds The Amulet Of Transformation. Ceceilia transforms into “Captain Crimson Angel” The leader of the superhero team called… The Paramounts. Her superpowers include: The power of Aura Manipulation, Illusion Magic, Telekinesis and The sword of Trust. Ceceilia stops Marius from sucking the blood from all of the people of the city of Comnard.

Ideas: I would love it if you would capture some of the action of the book and for the antagonist I would love a seductive color like red for the aura. For the Protagonist, I would love for the minty green Aura.

Face Claims:

Dafne Keen

John Partridge


Evie Dolan

Moodscheme/Theme: Love, Lust and Friendship

Song Suggestion:


Anything else:

I Respect you if you except or deny me.

Hey!! You should! it’s always nice to see a friendly face :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry but denied.

You forgot to add a key ingredient in your request.

Darn it!!!

I just finished my form :slight_smile:

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Semi Accepted

Hi! I’m actually really tempted to give this a go. I’ve never worked with a full Asian decent cast.

Don’t complete the payment just yet as I’m not so sure if I’d be able to create what you’re looking for.

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Thank you for your consideration! If there is anything else I can do to make it easier, please let me know. I appreciate you taking the time for this ^^

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Hi! I think I know the type of trailer you’re looking for. And I’m very happy to finally get to do something like it.

Just a wanted to make it clear that the song is a suggestion therefore I’m not guaranteeing you that I will use it.

If you’re okay with that, then please go ahead and complete the payment for trailers :slight_smile:

Oh yes! If you see any clips and or gifs you love and would like to have in your video please do add them to your request form. I will be checking posts constantly so no need to comment when you do so.

Also any suggestions for side characters would be amazing, as I’m not so familiar with the genre.

Thank you for all the help :blush:

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I’ll look around some more and try to add more! I have an idea already, just have to hunt down the clips ^^

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I’m okay with that! Payment complete :slight_smile:

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SHORT SUMMARY: Jack Slobodnik is jinxed.

After four years in lockdown for a crime he didn’t commit, he’s unlucky enough to walk straight out of prison into a shady deal in Supernatural Overlay City.

But with the finest lawyers money can’t buy, Jack’s bad luck is about to take a turn. They’re going after the people responsible for his wrongful conviction. Money, power and vengeance is the name of the game, except Jack’s mysterious new best friend and his sexy new lawyer are about to bring out his most primal desires - which can only complicate matters.

Affable, captivating Sunny and Attorney Mal Ashivant are in a competition for Jack’s Soul. And everything is at stake for the one who loses.

IDEAS: This is a polyamorous paranormal romance; the tone should be sexy but dark and suspenseful

FACE CLAIMS: (VERY necessary)


MOODSCHEME/THEME: Dark, seductive


INSPO: (Links Only)
Malice Ashivant (as played by Sevdaliza)
Sunny Johnson (as played by Raleigh Ritchie)
Jack Slobodnik (as played by Francois Sagat)

ANYTHING ELSE: Have fun creatively. Be sure to add yourself into the credits

Hi, sorry but denied.

You forgot to add a key ingredient in your request.

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Yikes! Do-over? (Altho, quite frankly I’m not sure where the you-know-what is)



TITLE: Blind and Bereft

SHORT SUMMARY: Jing Rui has a sister and her sister is the only person whom she loves. One day, for a mysterious reason, her sister decides to enter the Palace and become a maid. Jing Rui waits for her sister to return for three whole years, only to receive news that she has died in the Palace. Jing Rui is determined to find the truth and bring justice. She enters the Palace as a maid and is assigned to work under a bastard prince, Zhan Ying, who was named the God of War, yet he is blind. His ambition was unravel, but the more Jing Rui dig deeper, the more than she realises how fate has intertwined them.

IDEAS: I would like to see the female protagonist growing from weak to powerful as she tries to solve the mysteries. I don’t like texts in a trailer because it ruins the aesthetic, but it would be nice to have the title of the story at the end of the trailer. This story consists of 4 different arcs: new, wane, full and wax. It would be nice if the story build in this pattern. Jing Rui and the Prince Zhan Ying does have romance, so it would be nice to input a few scenes as well.

FACE CLAIMS: (VERY necessary) Wu Jinyan (as Jing Rui) and Wangduo (as Zhan Ying). I do realise they are hard to find clips, so I searched for HD quality ones below in the inspo. :slight_smile:

MOODSCHEME/THEME: Ambitious, nostalgic, epic, mystery

SONG SUGGESTION: I have 2 different songs in mind: 1 This one has vocal, so I fear it might not be the best. However, it’s a song that has build ups that fits each arcs really well. 2

INSPO: (Links Only) Male, Female 1, Female 2, Female 3, Female 4, Aesthetic

ANYTHING ELSE: The last clips are not the cast I want, but they have a potential cinematography. The voices within the clips are nice to be used, but it may be a little difficult, so it’s not necessary. :slight_smile: All the videos are HD and watermarkless, but there’s occasional subtitles, but they are at the border, so I hope it’s alright. I don’t mind answering any questions regarding this. Silence is Violence.

Thank you for reading this!