bitchin' | covers, icons and picspams | open

hey dudes, im eden and this will be my official solo thread. here I will be offering covers, icons and picspams.

☼ do not thread-hop… this means do not request the same graphic amongst a variety of threads.
☼ please be patient as well as polite, I am human after all
☼ give decent ideas if you want a decent graphic
☼ password: your favourite song

☼ for any graphic payment is adding any one of my stories to a public reading list or a comment on said stories.









amazing graphics xoxoxoxo

thank you, my love! xxx

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hi, im requesting a cover!

simple manip minimal

title: Priscilla


author: Laura Ann Lee

ideas/images: The cover being something simple using one of the following pictures: One Two Three add designs, doodles, and whatnot and maybe one without all the doodles. I would like either a basic bold font or a cursive one. You have full creative freedom

genre/mood/colours: Vibrant/Vintage-vibe

inspiration: N/A

anything else: Thank you. I didn’t see a password.

accepted! please complete payment (:
no password here

Heya, quick question! :blush: I was looking to get a cover done by you, and I saw your “Tale of Blood and Bone” cover and it’s like 95% what I want, with a few changes (such as different model, darkened background, perhaps a creepier feel to it, etc.)
Would it be a better idea to request something completely new, or would you be okay with making changes to the premade cover?

hey, so going off the changes that you want, I would much prefer to make you a completely new cover, just to ensure that you get exactly what you want!
if you would like, I can use that cover as my basic Inspo and go off that…? :smiley:

hi, I’m requesting an icon!
single icon :heavy_check_mark:
person/object: Deepika Padukone or Diana Penty
mood: Sexy and Dark.
anything else:

accepted! please complete payment (:

Payment complete

hi, im requesting a cover!

simple manip minimal

title: HUMANS

subtitle: ‘saving humanity has never been sexier’ (optional)

author: mysteas

ideas/images: Sorry I’m awful at finding good images, But I have a few ideas you could mix and match with. I’d love the background to be that of a galaxy backdrop such as this or this .

Then in the foreground a young black female futuristic-fighter looking model and/or a pale skinned, white haired young man (think Lucky Blue Smith) dressed somewhat futuristic. Could they either be facing/reaching for each other on opposite sides of the cover. If that doesn’t work though either one of them as the centerpiece would be fine. I’d love it if the girl could have a gun/cyberpunk armour, but if not that’s all g. I’d love love love it if you could also include some chemical equations/the DNA helix patterns somewhere in the background too.

genre/mood/colours: it’s a scifi book with elements of action and sexiness. For colours I’d like vibrant blues possibly in combination with purples and pinks (it’s a bi book)

inspiration: Something similar to the cover of These Broken Stars

anything else: Thank you, I hope I’m not being a difficult customer. I would also super super appreciate it if you could make sure the title is in large, very visible font too please. Don’t worry about the subtitle if it doesn’t fit/work well.

hiii, i’m going to semi-accept this request! ill give this a go before i get you to do the payment (:

:grin: Hi there! Can you do vector edits?

no, i don’t! i’m so sorry

OK. So then, I have another question. Can you take, say, a picture of a sunset/sunrise and make it fade from one color to another? Or, is that too complicated for you? If so, I completely understand

Just here to stalk these lovely covers. They’re absolutely gorgeous!