Black and White (Fantasy)

Summary: Amaya is the daughter of a single mother with a secret, but she leads a normal life. That is, until she is forced to live in a magical world. A magical world where she is forced to kill or be killed.
Then, when she finally thinks she is safe, a strange power is forced upon her. As she gets entangled in the schemes of the court, soon her fight to escape becomes a fight to stay.
When Amaya finally finds someone to help her get through this, she gets taken away too. Will Amaya finally find peace and happiness? Or will she fall to those who wish to see her gone?

Audience: Young Adults who have an interest in Fantasy/Dark Fantasy.

Genre: General Fantasy

Length: Currently: 5 Chapters Intended: Around 45 Chapters

Main Plot: Amaya gets taken to the Kingdom of the Creatures and is captured (put in a jail cell). She is forced to fight for her life in the first round of “The Games.” She wins and becomes the so-called “Game Master”, and gains political power in the new world. The other thing she gains is the power to control minds, as in exchange for winning the Games the Creatures grant one wish to the victor.
The King threatens her and she soon tires of this, having to kill him to survive. She feels pity for the Prince and keeps him in the same cell he trapped her in.
She manages to rise to the position of Queen and continues to orchestrate the Games. A new champion arises, and Amaya becomes quite in love with her. The new champion is made the Queen’s Seneschal and this makes many Creatures unhappy, causing some of the more passionate to plot against her. When Amaya’s new lover, Alvira, gets caught up in these schemes, Amaya has to kill her.
Amaya has enough of the Kingdom of the Creature’s and tries to escape back to her past life, but her mother is killed by one of the Creatures. The Creature then drags her back to the Kingdom and she continues on as Queen.
Alvira is brought back to life, and she is on a mission to kill Amaya. Amaya cannot bring herself to kill anymore, so she nearly dies at the hand of her ex-lover. The Prince manages to break out and save Amaya, and Amaya exiles Alvira.
Amaya, feeling guilty, lets the Prince out. He gains back his popularity in the courts, and soon Amaya gets put back in a cell. She fights to escape and after a duel with the Prince, she leaves for the human world. She stumbles to her friend’s house and asks for help. (It is continued in a second book)

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I don’t think I can help with this summary because it doesn’t currently read as a storyline or plot. It lacks in a central conflict as well as a clear beginning/middle/end. It feels a lot closer to a history textbook, just sort of outlining a series of historical events that happens to a particular person or two throughout history, but it doesn’t attach any meaning or significance to any of those events. I would need that sort of plot to understand what the story is here to be taken apart. Any of these individual paragraphs could be a story in and of itself.

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