Black Romance?

I’ve enjoyed the hundreds of black authors I’ve run across on this platform and people who write African American, Nigerians, Panamanian, Afro Cariban, (pan African) main characters in romance, chick-lit, women fic, contemporary romance, street lit, stories. I was wondering if any of those authors hung out in the community pages and wanted to talk about those stories. Challenges, interesting troupes, new troupes, romance topics.

Just wanted to hear from yall and say… thank you for the stories yall do me better than kindle with the amount of work you put up. I love reading all that brown, black, and blue-black on my iPad.

Again, thank you for the stories


I’m a fellow black (/ blueblack lol) writer and I totally feel the same. I love reading books with black main leads as well and it’s interesting to think that just a few years ago they weren’t common at all, not even on Wattpad, especially in romance. In fact I remember the first romance I ever read that had a black lead was in like 2016 or so and I’m someone who loves romance and consumes easily 300 books a year! It’s embarassing but I used to think if I ever wanted to write in the romance field I would have to write white because I didn’t think that people would read anything else. But I’m now I’m so glad and hopeful! So many amazing black writers ( here and traditional) that make me so hopeful. Especially fellow Africans!

Anyway, the point of my rant is that it’s really nice to meet someone who feels the same! Maybe we can suggest some books to each other?



I should start off by saying I am new to wattpad. Since I haven’t completed my story yet, I don’t know if
I can claim the title of “writer” yet. I am glad that there are more books being written by black people, and even movies (quick shot out to Black Panther and Hidden Figures).

Do you guys have any suggestions for some good books by black authors on wattpad?


Yo nothing wrong with that blue black :slight_smile: my mom is from Panama my dad is from Nigeria. I feel ya

welcome. :slight_smile: I usta read 300 romance books a year in those early kindle days. :slight_smile: nice what are your authors?


Same :)! enjoyed hidden figures and black pather :slight_smile: they were both good books and good movies as well. I really like ta nehisi Coates black panther run

What’s your book about that’s unfinished?

My book is a love story about angels. I think I have never read a love story about black anegls before, and I wanted to take a stab at it. While I am writing it though, I see am beginning to see a lot of bias’s I have that I didn’t realized I did. I am six chapters in though, and I can’t change it.

It’s something I will work on in my next book.


have you read singh books? arcangel blood is the first book in the series?

No, but I will add it to my list. Was it black angels?

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Hi MistressOP and everyone. I’m new to Wattpad, and I just published the first chapter of my first novel. I’m African American, and I am publishing the first book in what I want to be a 10-book collection. I’ve worked on about six of the novels, so far, and they are all color-coded. They are all in the romance genre, and the collection is called “Color of Love.”

I was so glad to see this discussion group, and I wish each and every one of us great success and happiness on this platform! Would love to hear from you and to read your stories.


I am… well… white as snow, but I do wrote/write some romances with black characters :slight_smile:

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Yo @sbmiddlebrook welcome to forums :slightly_smiling_face:

what’s the story about? well at least 1 of the 10?

that’s cool the witch and all the powers or a modern take on it? without powers

Hi there @susilasari555

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Thanks for understanding.

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Just started dabbling with Black romance–actually, the first one is interracial, but the lead is a feisty Black woman “of a certain age.” So we’re breaking all kinds of rules! And I’m loving it. My best to all here who have decided to use their “own voices.”


love em feisty. I’ve been looking for more emotionally vulnerable as well.

amen woman! we need more of this

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[quote=“aneonsky, post:14, topic:149921”]
'hey in case you are new how are you doing?

Hi everyone! I’m glad to see writers are out there, more and more writing about black characters!


Hey guys! I’m Afro-European and I’m working on my first Romance novel that is an interracial novel as well. I just feel like I don’t get a lot of books with male or female leads from minority groups that are given significant depth and lead normal lives as opposed to the stereotyped gang/mafia tropes.

So my romance novel features the female protagonist who is mixed like I am and the love interest is a Hispanic/Latino man.

I find that writing books like these just feels so fulfilling because it’s exploring the lives of humans that most fiction leaves marginalized. It’s so rare for me to find a book with a main black character that isn’t about strippers, gangs, mafias, some kinky stuff. What happened to regular romance? Are we undeserving a regular tale?

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The story of the marginalized black person that is often promoted is the fatherless drug addict, who strips to make a living for her her poor destitute fatherless son. That may actually be the case for some people (of all races). I think it is up to writers of black fiction to come up with stories that shed another light on how black people live their lives.


I have set out in this novel, Silver: Currents of Change, to explore the life of a young, southern black woman and the bridges she had to either cross or burn when she crossed the racial divide in her quest for love and happiness.

Young and idealistic, the heroine is a vocal supporter of the power, the strength and the glory of blackness. In other words, Zarah never once considered dating outside her own race. Until the time she gave in to an undeniable attraction. When she allowed the close relationship she had with the man she worked for to turn into more. Once she did, she found the relationship she had with this man far exceeded her expectations, and she fell deeply in love with him (and him with her). But how does she tell her parents, her siblings, and her friends–people who know she loves to describe herself as “the blackest black chick anyone will ever meet.”

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