Black teens/adults who like fantasy AND urban fiction and can read two chapters for me?

My WIP is called Blood & Water. It’s a fantasy about a teenaged girl who is one a few people capable of truly killing those with wicked souls. There’s cursing and violence and a 100% black cast. The two chapters total about 5000 words. I have betas read through an app/website called Please don’t apply if you aren’t comfortable downloading it or visiting the site. Bonus points if you can complete this today, offering detailed feedback in several aspects. The app/site allows for in-line comments.

If you would like a payment, mention it in your comment. I don’t follow people, though. I’m literally not following anyone. Please mention your age range if you’re interested. I’m particularly interested in the 15-24 age gap, but not excluding others. Also, let me know if you’re African-American or from another country.


If you’re able to do this on google docs (you can disable the download and copy&paste feature) then yes, I’ll try it out. But to go to a whole new site, download a whole new app, just for one story?

hmmm, that’s a bit tough.

Pass, but thanks for the interest. I’m not concerned about people taking the work. I’m making the process easier for myself, and I’d rather get all feedback in one place :purple_heart:

All right. I can’t fault you that. If it’s working for you, then more power to ya.

Happy writing!

Hi! I’m late to this thread but did you share this on wattpad yet? Sounds cool and I’d love to read it.

The first chapter is on here. Chapters two and three are on my website. You can read them all there :purple_heart: Here’s the site.

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