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So here’s the thing, I’m currently editing my first romance novel and a friend has books published there but one time they rejected one of her books and after fixing it a bit they accepted it. I’m curious to know how and why.

I’m not familiar with the company, I haven’t heard of them so I can’t answer anything about them specifically.

But within publishing, while someone is querying or in submission, they can receive a “revise and resubmit” (R&R) instead of a rejection or offer. This is where the editor, agent, or whatever gives the person a list of things they’d like to be worked on in the book before they will consider offering.

The writer can work on those notes, and resubmit if they’ve worked on those things. It’s not a guarantee that they’ll get an offer. And no one can control whether or not they’ll be sent an R&R.


This. ^^

R&Rs are fairly rare. It’s even more rare to get the revised book accepted. Congrats to your friend.

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I was just wondering because I don’t want my family to read my work. It’s personal, ya know?

Then don’t publish it? Or don’t tell them about it? Or use a pen name?

So many options there.


Yes, it was a revise and resubmit as opposed to a rejection. The publisher liked the story, but wanted to see a certain emotion from one character fleshed out a little more given the circumstances in the book. They’ll do an R&R if they think that the story shows promise and feel it is worth pursuing.

If you don’t want your family reading it, you can choose a pen name as @XimeraGrey suggested.

Thank you for letting me know! :open_mouth:

Heh. Then I can give myself a pat on the back. I got my contract via an R+R. It was a lot of work as she had a long list. I almost gave up. As it turned out afterwards, they loved my concept but wanted to see how I responded to strong criticism. Whether I was willing to revise what I had.
I did and I got accepted. Since then, we have revised even more. The journey has been painful, but incredibly helpful.
So, an R+R is a chance. One should grab it.