Black women writers, where you at?


Lol. Please don’t.


Harlequin :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: lol it’s all love there


Absolutely! California is amazing and I recommend it! IF you can afford it lol


I was discussing the pricing with a co worker a few days ago. Living in California is highly expensive. The rent is $1000 and up. If you find something cheaper than $1000, then the landlord is either a slumlord or the most kind-hearten person ever.


I don’t, but I have some family members in Texas. Do you like living in Texas?


You’re still family lol so it’s okay


I don’t live in Texas and I have someone there that i know that lives there but i love it. I want to be there instead of Florida :cry:


@MRayL08 Aw, thanks, guys ^^


That’s true. I wish my mortgage was $1000




I have family in Texas and Florida. I like Texas better. But my second home is New Orleans. There’s no place like it.


Ah I love New Orleans, my family and I had visited there every chance we get.


You’re welcome


I’m here for the unity :sparkling_heart:

I like to read/write works that reflect reality. Genres such as history, drama, and semi-fiction are the most appealing to me because I like to find myself (or my loved ones) and my own fears and struggles within a character.

Stay beautiful queens!


i live in the east coast too. xD


hello everybody! (:


hey everyone! i’m a black writer, currently just practicing writing, but i’m also outlining a lesbian vampire romance.


Hey fellow Queens! I don’t have a particular genre I write in. My current work has action, adventure, romance, and science fiction elements to it, so it’s hard to put it in a single place lol. I’m here because I want to share my story with people and get feedback. I want writing to be a hobby for me, so I’m trying to get good at it!


Hello. Welcome everyone.


East Coast is the best coast!