Blocking Feature

As of now, Wattpad only allows you to mute people. This means that they will be unable to follow you, send you an inbox message, write on your profile’s message board, or leave any comments on your stories.

It does, however, allow them to view your stories and profile. A blocking feature will be able to prevent that too.

Edit- After some debate, we came up with a more thorough idea of what the blocking feature might look like. Here it is:

This only applies to Wattpad, not the clubs
*when you block someone, you will be given the option to provide a reason
*blocking someone will assure that you are unable to view their profile, stories, and comments on other stories
*blocking someone will assure that they are unable to view your profile, stories, and comments on other stories
*if someone happens to be blocked by many people in a short span of time, the issue will be looked over
*the mute button will remain as it is

Issues this can prevent

Real life bullying
Internet stalking

Feel free to ask questions about any of these things or suggest anything to be added on!

What’s your opinion on it?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe…

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I’m for it for sure and have mentioned it in the past. While it wouldn’t solve every issue out there with trolls and bullies, having a proper block feature would help.


I haven’t personally had the use for neither that nor the mute button, but I’d still like the option should something occur.


Yeah, I’m hoping it would help out. I have no experience with this since I don’t generally get made fun of, but I can see people from real life finding your work and bullying you because of it. As stupid as that sounds, I can totally see it occurring, especially for some of the more introverted people I’ve met on this website. This wouldn’t solve every issue, but I can totally see it helping out with that.

Yup, never hurts to have it by your side :slight_smile:


I was bullied in school a lot but that was pre-internet. So I’ve never had to deal with much cyber bullying. However, there have been enough people on Wattpad to make me very uncomfortable over the years I’ve been here that I’d have blocked them if a proper block was available. And I’ve also seen enough fights break out to know the “just ignore it and report to a mod” isn’t always effective when in practice.


I think this would be really helpful. I’d like it if they would preserve the mute option, but also add a block option, because for some circumstances you may only want to mute a person but like you said, there may also be instances where being able to completely block a person would be helpful. I think, like reporting, there does need to be a way to ensure that someone is blocking a person for a viable reason that way trolls and such can’t just randomly block people without reason.


Along these lines I also wouldn’t mind seeing private accounts being allowed. Where a user can set their account to private ala facebook. Where you see them, but can’t really see them. I’d still allow HQ and ambassadors access so that people can’t create an account to do naughty things in private, but the contents are otherwise hidden from general users.


I think it should prevent them from replying to the person (who blocked them) via threads.


That’s really unfortunate, I’ll never understand why people enjoy to prey on others. How do you think that would work outside each other’s profiles, though? Like on the threads and other peoples stories. Do you think it would be good if you just couldn’t see any comments they have made? But then again that might make things confusing.

That would be great, there’s also instances where I would only want to mute someone.

Maybe, but if this feature becomes popular that might be hard to maintain. I’m not sure…?


That’s a cool idea, can you elaberate on this point though? I’ve never used facebook so I wouldn’t know

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I think ideally it would be along the lines of facebook where is someone is blocked they just stop existing. You don’t see their comments, can’t reply, none of that. I think you can still go onto their profile but you just can’t talk to them.

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I don’t know. I’m 50/50 but more on yes I wish a block button happens. The thing I more hate is haters making many emails for new accounts like spambots and I don’t think there’s a way to stop or maybe there is? (My brain never remembers stuff)

Btw, isn’t this fit for app & site feedback, not forum? :sweat_smile:


Basically you can set your account to private so that people have to friend you in order to see anything. I have my facebook set that way. They see the basics of my profile, but they can’t see any of my pictures or things I’ve posted unless they friend me. And since facebook makes you approve friend requests I have full control over who I allow to access to my stuff.


The threads are one of the issues here. If someone is blocked by someone, they still should have the right to access a thread they’re on, but maybe if they just couldn’t directly reply to the person?


Yeah, that sounds pretty good. The clubs might still be an issue because if someone is having a conversation, you’d only see one side of it

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Uh, I’ll fix that :sweat_smile:


Exactly, i’ve seen people block their bully from direct messaging them however the bully would use the threads as another way to do it. This shouldn’t happen but still even if they can’t reply, they can post on the same page and disturb them.


Ooh, that sounds interesting :smiley: Since I never used Facebook

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Okay, that would work out pretty well if you just wanted to write in private without having strangers view your work.


It’s been a long time since I’ve had to block someone on facebook. But how it worked in posts and replies, you just couldn’t see ANYTHING involving that user. So if they made a post saying “I hate cheese” you wouldn’t see that post or any of the replies. And if they replied to a thread they didn’t create, you wouldn’t see that reply or anyone replying to them.

It would probably be trickier to implement here because of the way things are laid out, but might not be completely impossible.