Bloggers! I need your help :)

Hey bloggers, I really need your help with telling me how to blog and what are some things bloggers do! If I find your answer helpful, I will follow you.

Hey :smiley:

It depends on what you are blogging about or want you want to blog about :stuck_out_tongue:

You can blog about anything really (I’ve seen a blog focused solely on a single type of desert shrub and how to grow one of your own). But you should choose the direction of your blog to avoid confusing readers. For example, if you have chosen your blog to be fashion, you would not suddenly talk about your music tastes.

In writing the articles themselves, I’ve heard (read) that these days people actually LIKE longer blogs. I tend to keep mine simple, short, and sweet as much as I can though. Although, it depends on what it’s about.

Again, depending on what it’s about, I try to post at least one photo in the article. If you think about people who are mostly on their phone, a long text-filled screen hurts your eyes sometimes and a photo breaks it up, giving your eyes a rest. Depending on the photo you use (like a meme), it also gives the post personality.

Speaking of personality,
you’d want to write your blog with personality. Talk to the reader. Put yourself in it.

You’d also want to be consistent with the color you use to emphasize a word, the color you use for the link, and the font for each article.



if you need an extra helping hand. For the second one, you don’t have to do exactly as the article says. I’ve found that modifying some of these topics worked best for me. Idk what you’re thinking of blogging about though. I’m guessing writing related, hence that link.

Also, I used to use Blogger for idk how long (over 4 years maybe?), but now I use WordPress because it looks more professional in my opinion. My website can be found on my Wattpad profile wall.

If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to help so feel free to PM me :blush:

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Wow, thanks a heap for your time!

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No problem :wink:

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