Blood and Bone (need to be renamed)

I need to replace these names. They fit and sound cool, but I’ve been seeing them everywhere and it’s driving me crazy.

Basically, these are the two consorts of my dragons’ death goddess, with their names reflecting the deaths they inflict on victim dragons in her name. Blood represents internal injuries, like sickness, and Bone represents external injures by accidents or attacks. I like the repeating first letter aspect, but otherwise I have no restrictions. I am also considering a third consort for mental decay and insanity.

My current consideration is: Decay (internal destruction), Disaster (external destruction), Delirium (mental destruction). Especially since their mistress would round it all off as Death (complete destruction).

Well, I just sort of made that up as I typed this, so I feel kind of silly now, but if you can improve it or have your own ideas, feel free to suggest them

Hmm, not sure how these sound. But the same starter letter concept gave me the following.
Fester (For formerly named Blood), Fracture (Bone) and lastly Fatigue (the newly introduced mental relations).

It is quite tricky to pick three words that match the description and same lettering without overlapping the wounds overall. Hope this example is a good option to your own.

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I think your Decay, Disaster, Delirium idea sounds pretty good.
I guess Blood and Bone could be extended by Brain as the third.

Here are two more possibilities I can think of at the top of my head:
Injury Infection Insanity
Thorn Toxin Torment

If it doesn’t have to be English:
Carnis Cruor Cerebrum (latin: flesh blood brain)

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Guess Gaiman has a name fetish too.

Neil’s Endless: Destiny, Death, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium

What makes this worse is I could easily name Death’s father, Desire, and her mother, Dream.