Blue Belle covers *Requests open*

Blue%20Belle Hello! My name is Belle and welcome to the Blue Belle cover shop! If you’d like me to make a cover for you please fill out this form!

special requests:
Payment: Follow me! Check out one of my stories if you’d like and please give me credit if you end up using my cover!

Title: I M M O R A L
Subtitle: Season 1
Author: Xx_YeetMyFaceOffPls_xX
Ideas: Make the mood dark and black, however, make the colors gold and crimson red stand out. Also, If you can, make it so theres this glowing dark red heart in the middle of the cover.
Examples (pics you can use for the cover):
(you can choose which pic you would want to include in the cover)

(reference for the format in how I want the writing format to be)

If you can’t or don’t want to do this, I completely understand! But if you do this, I’ll be really grateful

Accepted! I will start working on it immediately!

Thank you so much!!!


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