Blurb/Subtitle Service #2 {OPEN}

Need Blurb/Subtitle help? You are in the perfect place! Here I will not post random subtitles or blurbs but you will have to fill in a form in order for me to think up some nice ones for you.

Payment: Tag 3 people you know would like a Werewolf book, 2 comments (book name is Crystal Blood) and credit. Please make sure to do this!

Please inform me whether you would like a blurb or a subtitle or if you would like both so I know which one to write for you.


Blurb/Subtitle: Which one? Or both?
Book Cover: If you are able to
Book Title:
Book Summary:
Any Images To Inspire Me:

You may also tag some people here you think might need some help and might actually benefit from this thread. I would greatly appreciate it!

If you need any Title help for your book don’t hesitate to stop by at:

If you need cover help or character aesthetics, here is a great suggestion for you:

God bless you for this doing

Wow, well I’m good with my blurb. Just stopped in here because this appeared like a unique thread.
this is some major help u giving. :cherry_blossom:
Great going!! :hugs:

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I have moved your thread to the #story-services:general-writing-help Category as you are not offering graphics.

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Book Cover: N/A
**Book Title:**N/A
**Book Summary:**Angie is caught up in web lies when she meet a stranger on a airplane and he offered her to be his girlfriend so he’s mom can back off Angie roll alone with it things started to a little bit when she spicy Angie started to develop feeling for a men she’s doesn’t even know and a ex girlfriend decided to show up at the wrong time

Any Images To Inspire Me:
**Other:**What do you mean

Subtitle: When you spin a web of lies, make sure you don’t get tangled.

When Angie hops on that plane single, she never expected to leave it with her relationship status on Facebook changed to taken. The boy beside her offered her a choice to be his girlfriend in his desperate attempt to get his mother to back off. One look at the boy’s handsome face and beautiful eyes, Angie becomes intrigued.

So Angie says yes.

Just as Angie starts to develop real feelings for this boy, his ex walks in. Classy and bitchy never looked good on anyone, and this girl is no exception. What happens when they meet?

Caught in a web of lies, Angie is about to get tangled.

You never mentioned whether you wanted just a blurb or a subtitle or both so I wrote you both. Tell me if you would like any changes!

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Omg thank you so much yeah I don’t know what you meant by that do you have tittle? I’m bad coming up with book title. Thank u

I mean does your book have a title? If not then I got you covered. Come over to and I will help you out:

And if you need a book cover I know a friend who makes amazing covers:

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Thank you so much I will headed over

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You’re so welcome! I’m glad you liked what I did with your blurb and subtitle!

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oh blurb help
I need help writing that lol

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No lol I sent them a link for my title help thread and u were the last to post so you got a notification

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Can I request another one? You really inspired? I wrote that summary you inspired I really mean it. If not It’s okey :sparkling_heart: