Hi! I’ve noticed that Paid Stories follow the same styles to create a blurb. Can you share the style with us or is it something we need to figure out? :speak_no_evil:

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Your logline, i.e. one or two sentences that add up to 155 characters (including spaces) that tell your story and hook readers in.
A one-paragraph description of your story. This will include the genre, your protagonist and a feel for the world your story takes place in. We’re endeavouring to, using the most efficient (and exciting) language possible, sell the heck out of the concept of your book. If readers know what they’re getting into, they’re more likely to read
Optional/If applicable:
(Book One of the Your-Series-Name-Here-As-Necessary. Or this is where you can tell the audience what day your story updates on if it is incomplete.)
Optional/If applicable:
[[Awesome Book Award if you want to put it here]]
[[Second Awesome Book Award if you want to put it here]]
Optional/If applicable:
Content and/or Trigger Warning: List whatever you want people to be aware of before reading here.


This is really informative, Nick. Have bookmarked the post. Thanks for sharing =]

I won’t help with optimizing though, since that’s a special function we do with the Paid authors using our expertise. You’re on your own for crafting a proper logline and summary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I try to put the story in a nutshell: enough to introduce the characters and the gist of the story, but no spoilers.

Thanks for this advice. I´ve been struggling with writing a blurb that grabs peoples attention. I´ll try some of the tips you´ve mentioned and fingers crossed…

This was really helpful.