Bnha group!!

Haha yeah XD

I read it on this website.


wow !! thank you thank you!

You’re welcome! :smiley:

That website updates every time chapters come out too, by the way!

And a new chapter is released approximately every Friday, as far as I know.

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you just saved me some money that’s for sure! <3

Well, that’s good! XD

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XD Yas!

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Hello there! @LifeAsWeKnowIt00

While it is okay to talk about stories with other users, this club is not the place for advertisement. Directing people to your story is considered advertising. If you want to advertise your stories, you can do it in #share-your-story club. I am going to remove your post.

Thank you for understanding! :yellow_heart:


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Hello! I like boku no hero academia :3

Thank you! :3

omg a bnha group finally, I love this to death

omg hi i love bnha is anyone on the forms and wanting to talk about ships aa

Cause i just found a new bakudeku fanfic that im dying over and it hasn’t even got like two chapter the hecc

if you wanna check it out go here its called bakudeku // my love my heart aaaaaaaa

Hold on, two new people just posted and since this is dead, no one is welcoming them… I SHALL DO IT!

WELCOME! @SaltySeas33 @SushiDisguised123

I found a bnha group finally… but its ded. cries

oof yeah ik lmao

we should make it undead haha, if we had more people on the forms we could lol

We can revive it!

True, true, but we can try to revive it with what we got.