Book Baby

Is anyone familiar with Book Baby?

Has anyone published with them?

I get their emails daily, or at least once a week and they send real good information. Also, they look to pay higher royalties to authors. Any info will be greatly appreciated!

They’re a partner of the Alliance of Independent Authors. Here’s their review from 2014:

I don’t understand about royalties. You’re paying for a service, period – they’re not a publisher. Why would they get any percentage of your royalties?

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I received an email that reads like this:

BookBaby authors can create their own eCommerce pages for every book published through BookBaby.

Authors who take advantage of all the BookShop benefits and features are often rewarded with tremendous sales, so I’ve got three reasons why you should sell your eBooks or Printed Books through your page:

  1. You make more money—a lot more. We pay 50% royalties on printed book sales and 85% royalties on eBooks. Those are the highest numbers in the industry.
  2. You get paid faster. We’ll deposit your royalties into your account one week after purchase.
  3. Your book is guaranteed to always be in stock. Even in the holiday rush, when Amazon may not have enough on hand, BookShop delivers.

Thank you for that :slight_smile:

Okay, that’s through their shop – sort of like Amazon taking a percentage (as the fee for selling through their shop). I’d say that’s fine then. Most of your sales are still going to come through Amazon, because that’s where people go to buy books.

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You’re saying, even if they pay more, I’ll sell more through Amazon because that’s where people shop for ebooks. It makes sense, if I’m an unknown author though, it’ll be difficult to sell no matter through who so that’s the hurdle :thinking: :pensive:

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Exactly! Posting your book – anywhere – doesn’t sell it. You have to identify your target market and make them aware of it.

You can, BTW, sell in both places – and many others. Amazon isn’t an exclusive choice unless you choose to be in Kindle Unlimited, and even then, it’s exclusive only for ebooks.

Good to know. Have you published anything?

Yes. Nonfiction. (Traditional publishing.)

How long ago?
How successful has it been?
Has it been a good experience for you?
Thank you for your thoughts :heart:

15 years. Won a Best Of award the year it was published. Still in print, still generating royalties.

Yes, it has been a good experience. Nonfiction is a completely different beast than fiction. You have to have a platform for the former for trad pub to even consider you. (Except for memoir.) I had the platform established before I was published, but the book got me speaking engagements and such. I left the field a few years later, though, so I haven’t written any additional nonfiction books.

Fantastic! Congratulations.

Nonfiction is so much more difficult, so much research. My dad just finished a book he’s been writing for 3 years. It is a super complex nonfiction book about systematic theology.

I prefer fiction for now. Simpler. Recently I’ve been intrigued to write a historical fiction piece. Never did I imagine I would, but here I am planning for it… so, one never knows where the world will take you.

Congratulations again. I hope to publish soon. I am attempting to finish one of my novels first.

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