Book Club Guidelines


This is ONLY for book club hosts to place their advertisements. If you want to join a club, please browse the threads and read the rules to join.

Book Club Owners:

To advertise your book club, create a discussion. You may run your book club in the thread, or in a story on your profile.

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Help authors choose your club by letting them know what stories you will accept instead of what you won’t accept, and feel free to include a little information about yourself or why someone should choose your club.

PLEASE DO NOT promote vote trading in your club, or mention votes/stars/likes in your advertisement.

How to run a book club on your profile:

  • Create a book on your profile and include somewhere in the title the words, “book club”
  • Set a date you intend to start the reading aspect of the club. People respond better to a time frame.
  • Post your advertisement here with a link to your club’s page.
  • If you have filled up your spots, please edit your post here, so potential members know not to contact you.
  • Book clubs have the right to decline any story without having to provide a reason.
  • If you’d like to have your thread permanently closed, please flag the first post of your thread using the ‘Something Else’ option and ask for a moderator to close it. You can find out how to use flags here. Any threads that are inactive for over 30 days will be removed by the moderators.
  • Most importantly, have fun.