Book Clubs

I am quite keen to join a book club. That means I know that there are groups here that read and comment on one another’s books/stories regularly.

However, there seems to be no central clearinghouse for information about them. I don’t mean genre clubs: that is a different thing.

I only see some adverts for them sometimes and those are usually quite small clubs. Sometimes the last post there was in 2012!

So, what do you know about book clubs? What are the biggest/most popular ones? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each club? Can you recommend any club?

I should be most grateful for any information you would provide.

I prefer flexible bookclubs…
Ones where you get to choose your own book to read.

Like for instance,
Flexible Book Exchange
Flexible Critique Club
Dip Down ☆ A Nonchalant Book Club

  • these book clubs all have sentence limits and quality guidelines regaurding said sentences.

I find conventional book clubs too much of forced reading system.
I guess some perks would be reads and comments as well as possibly votes. (Though vote for vote is against wattpad’s guidelines.)

:l hope this helped.

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@Princesisto For more information about book-clubs, you can have a look in this category: #story-services:book-clubs :slight_smile:

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If you want a club where you partner with another author for entire books and give reader engagement feedback each week (concrete criticism only if you request it), DM on the main site. I can’t advertise here.

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I TRIED to join a book club a few weeks ago, but I never heard anything more about it. The thread just died. Other book clubs I was interested in are full. :frowning: I should go back and look again.

Try out the Rebel Book Club over on @Rebel_Town

And then there’s the Wayfarer’s Lamppost Book Club over on @WayfarersLamppost

Those are the best and the longest running, in my experience. But they’re also very very honest and focused on actual critiques, so if you’re looking for something cosier, that’s not the ones to go to.


There are so many of them! See Nablai’s post above.

But I am finding that most of them have 10 people, are not well-managed and come and go like rain.

I don’t see much that are worth all the effort of reading so much and commenting but I will keep watching this thread to see if I have been missing something.