Book Cover Aspect Ratio


Amazon KDP suggests a 1.6 aspect ratio for ebooks. However, I’ve been reading that publishers use a 1.5 ratio to make the thumbnail a little wider. They say it looks better as a thumbnail which is what you should be going for. I saw the following on a site:

An aspect ratio of 1.5 may have some merit:

  • It’s not as narrow as Amazon’s recommendation.
  • It provides a little more width for the title.
  • It matches the aspect ratio of the fairly popular 6″ x 9″ book (which is convenient if you publish a paperback of this size at CreateSpace, for example).
  • It will only be a little wider than the multitude of covers that follow Amazon’s recommendation, so it probably isn’t wide enough to seem out of place.

What do you think?


I use 1.5 for my ebooks. I can’t see any difference between my covers and the rest on Amazon, though I suppose there must be some in 1.6.