book cover designing!

Hey all of you!
For those of you are struggling to find book cover, I can help!
I make book cover and no kidding. I can help you if you wanted!

So here’s how I can help if you guys give your book’s details.

Name of book:
Name of author:
Any additional information that you want to give:
How you want it to be ( breif description):

You don’t have to pay! You don’t have to pay me anything!
All you have to do is follow me!
I’ll give your story a shoutout!

Here are a few samples,
These are actually sample covers of my story on wattpad!



Hi there :slight_smile:

As you’re offering design services, it looks like your thread is better suited to the Multimedia Designs club (MDC). You can read about the MDC here. I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread there for you :blush:

Thanks for understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

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Name of book: thrones
Name of author: karan0704
Any additional information that you want to give: dark theme
Genre: mystery.
How you want it to be ( breif description): font any as long as its visible( something dark)
Summary: a boy goes for fund raising and realises that the gem is fake, he needs to prove it to the fundraises that they are wrong by finding the real gem.

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ok i’ll put it up for you!


ALL THE BEST WRITING! :slight_smile:

Name of book: Astonied
Name of author: Bebother
Genre: fanfic, romance, comedy
How you want it to be ( breif description): I want a simplistic cover, it has a light and airy theme; nature like. And I like the color scheme pink and white
Summary: Ostara was destined to be the future Queen, everyone in Asgard could see it. She was a goddess of rebirth and spring, everything would light up around her; one of those things being Thor. Thor and Ostara were lovers, two peas in a pod; but after Thor is banished, things change for them. Thor meets Jane and Ostara in thrown away in the dust. She continues on moving on from Thor, but when he comes back she falls all over for him again. One eventful night will leave her with a new challenge to face; becoming a mother.

There’s like a mood board that I created for my character Ostara and I would like the cover to have this same type of mood, color scheme, and like pictures

this is literally amazing!
why don’t you become a graphic designer one day?

hey do you want me to use these picturre or is this like a sample?

It’s just a sample


Here are some of them! Hope you like it.
If you want more I can pm them to you!



Name of book: Falling For You
Name of author: ohheyitsjulia or Julia Vieta (whichever one you think looks best on the cover)
Any additional information that you want to give:
Genre: Teen romance
How you want it to be ( brief description): I’d like a brunette girl on the cover with bright colors, everything else is up to you! :slight_smile:
Summary: Senior in high school, Amelia learning to love herself again after spending a year in an abusive relationship. It’s not until months later she starts to notice feelings for a boy that she had gone to school with her whole life, but never paid much attention to, Lincoln.


i made a few cover choose which ever you want and if you aren’t satisfied let me no i’ll send more through PM’s



Name of Book: Hello, My Name is Satan
Name of Author: Phoebe Simpson or PixelLlama22
Any additional info: Not too Romantic
Genre: Romance TeenFiction
How you want it to be: A pentagram on the front and lettering that is like symbols but still readable
Summary: Satan is the new kid sent to a normal high school in the last year there. The prettiest girl Blaire, despite her anxiety and christian foster-mother starts to fall in love with him and he does as well. But she becomes suicidal and develops a condition meaning she must stay away from him.

The one on top is the same style covered book as mine. (Canva)

i didnt reall use canva i used a random picture and frames app to edit the book
and i’m sorry if you thought i copied your idea.

ok i’ll try!
i’ll put it up as a chapter in my book!

here are a few samples i’ve made!



I really like the first one! Great job!

@sarah_madden01 thats ok. Im not mad. Im just happy that your using a great design :blush: