Book Covers and Character Aesthetics (Closed to Catch up)

Hi! Looking for someone to make you covers or character aesthetics? You’ve come to the right place! Please fill out the following form and send it to me and I will tell you when I accepted it and when I sent it on your dm’s. Filling out the form is important as it helps me to give you the graphics you desire.

Important: If you are going to use my work, please make sure you give me credit and/ or give my book Midnight Memories a shoutout on your book. Thank you!

If the cover or aesthetic is not pleasing enough, you can definitely ask me to change a certain aspect of it, I don’t mind! Please be respectful on this thread and mind your language.

Examples of your work:









Character Aesthetics:





Payment: In order to get your finished product, please read my book Midnight Memories, give me a follow, and comment on my book. I work very hard on these covers and aesthetics and in paying me you can show me your gratitude. Thank you!

Author Name:
Subtitle or important quote:
Important symbolism in the book (any object, etc):
Style/ important info about the cover:
Overall mood:
Images (optional):

Character Aesthetics:
Name of Character:
Physical description (hair color/type, eye color and race):
Color of Aesthetic:
Their personality/likes/dislikes:
Overall mood:
Cast (optional):
Specific images (optional):

If you need any title help for your book don’t hesitate to stop by at:

If you need Blurb or Subtitle help please don’t hesitate to stop by at:

here ya go


ill get back to you hopefully by this week


Hi, I’m done your aesthetic, and I am just waiting for the payment. You can either follow me and give my book Midnight Memories a shoutout, or you can add my book to your library and give me some honest comments on it. When this is complete, I will send you the aesthetic. I made two, and you can pick whichever. If you want me to change any pictures in it, feel free to ask! If you use the aesthetic I made, I would really appreciate if you gave me credit for it. Thank you for choosing my shop!


i gave it a shoutout on my message board and followed you :slight_smile:

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alright ill send you aesthetics

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So I have two for you. They are pretty similar except for a few pictures. Also if you dont like a picture or something let me know and I will change it. Thanx for using my shop @ SamandShy

Hi? What are you talking about?

It’s Zander with a ‘Z’, and could you please replace the alcohol pictures and cursing with something else? Thank you.

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Hey, I’m sorry but I ended up asking someone else for a cover. Sorry for wasting you time

I’m really sorry for the name mistake. And yes, off course I will change those pictures. If you need anything else, feel free to tell me!

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Yeah, that’s fine!

thank you!

Yeah, your welcome! It was a mistake on my part and I’m very sorry. Also, you mentioned in my dm’s about another aesthetic?

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yeah, i’m filling out the form now :slight_smile:


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So here’s the new version and I hope this one is better, I fixed the name as well. Tell me if you want to fix something with this one as well.

So I made you 3. If theres something wrong with them let me now and I will change it. Anyways your pay is 3 comments on my story, and real comments please not just “Perfect”

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