Book Covers (Closed but you may come and talk about the covers if you want)


Hi! Looking for someone to make you covers? You’ve come to the right place! Please fill out the following form and send it to me and I will tell you when I accepted it. Filling out the form is important as it helps me to give you the graphics you desire.

Important: You must give me payment for making your covers. I work very hard on them and don’t want to see them go to waste.

Payment: 3 comments on any of my books and 3 tags (of people you know will like that book)






Author Name:
Subtitle or important quote:
Important symbolism in the book (any object, etc):
Style/ important info about the cover:
Overall mood:
Images (optional):

Hi, I’d like to request a book cover but I can’t find the form. I made my own, if that’s alright!

Form -
Title: Markers and Matches
Genre: Romance
Author name: Nadia Wright
Ideas: A block colour background. Possibly a marker pen writing the title or matches in a circle where the red parts make the shape of a heart? And then the title and my name written on it. Honestly I just love your style of graphics, so any ideas you have would be great :heart:

This is the story blurb, if it helps -
Alex and Jack live in a reality where everyone has a soulmate. Their own Match. And they just happen to be each other’s Match.

Everyone is born with a soulmate, but not everyone is brave enough to reach out and connect with them. Some people go their whole lives without even talking to their Match - but their lives don’t serve much purpose in this world.

Alex is desperate to meet his Match, but he doesn’t want to be the one to make the first move. Jack couldn’t care less about the whole soulmate business, and his Match never bothered to talk to him anyways - so what’s the point?

Payment -
I will read through, comment and vote on your story from start to end, and shout you out to my 109 followers. Let me know if you need me to do more, or if that’s okay!

Sorry, the form isn’t there. I’ll get it up there as soon as possible :relaxed:

And you are accepted I will get started right away. Just one quick question: you want a pen or marker writing the title…but I didn’t understand what you wanted as the background. A simple color like a solid red or a black for example?

edit: I also posted the form so if you want to add anything…

Okay, so I wasn’t sure if this was exactly as you wanted it, but if you really want me to change anything for you then don’t hesitate to tell me :slightly_smiling_face:




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Oh my… Wow!!! I love it so much :heart::heart::heart:

I’m going to use the first one, you can go check it out on my profile if you want. And I’ll do the payment right now!

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Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. And thank you for the amazing comments :wink:

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Title: Touch Me Not
Author Name: Natasha
Subtitle or important quote: none
Summary: So I haven’t published any chapters yet. So as you can guess, blurb not ready yet. But all in all , it talks about a rape victim which is scared from people’s touches. She meets an old highschool fellow which works now as a psychiatrist. And oh well, we all know how romantic stories go, eh?
Important symbolism in the book (any object, etc): Yeah well, IF you could, maybe a girl with a boyish haircut. Like her hair is so short. Not emo though. Just boyish.
Style/ important info about the cover: maybe black and white. OR. Light colours. Preferably , shades of blue.
Overall mood: I was hopin for either a dark mood. OR a light one with light colors. But I vote for the dark one more though.
Images (optional): none.
Other: or you can just ignore half of the ideas I gave and do what you think is suitable. I really loved your covers! The payment, I can comment but as for the tag. I can tag you in my story and shout out to you there when I publish. Is it okay? Thx alottttttt :smiley:

Sure thing! This cover looks really fun to make so yes, I’ll get started on it. The payment is good and thank you for requesting. You’ll get your cover by today…99 percent sure :wink:

Thx alottttt <3


Here you go I have made your covers right now. I hope you like them just tell me if you need any changes and just let me know which cover u are using!





Oooh, I hope you can do one for me, please!
Title: June’s Blues
Author Name: A-Brooklyn™
Subtitle or important quote: None, thanks!
Summary: On the outside, Isabel Cooper Valdez is just like the others. A High School student, daughter, and music lover, the seventeen-year-old doesn’t have any special attributes that exclude her from teenage society.

If you know her? Isabel’s a mute. Not the calm-quiet girl, or the designated mute. But an aphonic mute.

Her life took a dark turn from an accident six years ago. But she doesn’t let her disability overcome her, and fights every day to be the one thing she’s always strived to be: a musician.

Isabel’s life goes from boring to downright complicated when a former best friend returns to Austin, Texas, and much to her dismay happens to be the same person that almost killed her.

Important symbolism in the book (any object, etc): Headphones, please!
Style/ important info about the cover: None at all, but I’d love it if the word “Blues” had the color blue on it!
Other: Thank you for your services! You’ll get a shoutout on my second profile (where I have 160+ followers), and also a shoutout in my finished book, to ensure you are recognized for your work! :))

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Thank you and you are accepted. You will get your cover today. Please make sure to do the payment of three comments on any of my works and tag 3 people on any of my works who u think will like the book. A shoutout too thanks! I’ll try my best to get to u today!

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Oh, wow thanks! I was starting to read the blurb for Upside Down when you responded Lol (looks great too!)

One more thing, headphones or earphones?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh, headphones please! The MC uses it throughout the story :))

Also, do you want a girl on the cover or do u want a cover that looks like this one but with the title and headphones clipart?


Hmm… I think I’ll let you decide, since you clearly have a better artistic eye than I do. Hahahaha

Great! I’ll get started right now!

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