Hi! I make book covers for any genre of story:) Just fill out the form below and I’ll get to it as soon as I can :heart:

Author: (what name you want to appear on the cover)
Genre: (romance, horror, etc.)
Summary: (short summary on your story)
Payment: (I don’t really give much of a fuss about this, just something xx)
Main Themes/Colour schemes: (so I know the feel of the story and can make the cover based on this)
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Can I ask something? Where do you usually create book covers? :slight_smile:


**Title:**Mga Kababalaghan sa Boardinghouse Ni Nanay ( BOOK 1 )
Author: Faye Lee P. Nash
Genre: horror
At the Boardinghouse of Nanay Ancheta, a girl named Mj finds the best experiences.
Let us join her horrible and terrifying adventures in the boardinghouse.
What really awaits her in the house?
Can her bravery be able to stay longer?
Payment: (I don’t really give much of a fuss about this, just something xx)
Main Themes/Colour schemes: (black and red ) I don’t know what colors
**Other Notes/: Its a horror adventure story of a girl named MJ. Her horrible adventure starts when she;s going to board in a mysterious boardinghouse of Nanay Ancheta.
NOTE: This is a FILIPINO story. I hope you can make a cover out of it. :slight_smile:


I’m just wondering, what software do you use for your covers?

Anyways i’d like to request a new cover, one of my works is in desperate need of it. :slight_smile:

Title: The X-Event
Author: Chad Smith
Genre: Fanfiction (Do you make fanfiction covers? I’ll add details as an additional note)
After living with her psychopathic sister, Chara, for fourteen years, Chara lures Frisk into a cave she found, unwittingly landing them into a world inhabited by monsters.

Three years later Chara and Frisk meet once more in battle. After being defeated by Frisk and defeating Chara’s mentor, Gaster, Frisk and Chara work on rehabilitating the young maniac, now fourteen years old.

However, Gaster isn’t content with this development, and he seeks to win back Chara, no matter the cost, even if it ends the world, he will have Chara’s immense power at his disposal. Can the two women hold off this monster’s onslaught and stop an unexpected extinction event? The fate of their entire timeline depends on it.

Payment: I’m not sure what i can give you. What would you want as payment?

Main Themes/Colour Schemes (Black, red, white and deep purple) (Check out the fanart and you’ll see which colours are for who :smiley: )

Other notes/Character designs: Alright since this is a fanfic it’s inspired by other characters, so… i would recommend looking at some XChara, XGaster and XFrisk artwork (From Undertale) online and making essentially that but with Frisk an 18 year old woman and Chara a 14 year old girl. Chara has a red soul and Frisk has a pink one. Chara’s hair is black and she has blue eyes. Frisk’s hair is dark brown and she has brownish/hazel eyes. Aside from that just make them their respective age/gender and they look very similar.

About Gaster. I would like to have him on the cover with the girls, so his design is exactly the same, just cleaned up with no scars except his eye ones.

Sorry for being so specific, but the theme of the story is that Gaster controls these girls and there’s no freedom for them, so having him be an overarching figure on the cover with the two girls below him would be awesome :smiley: I really would like Frisk and Chara’s being haunted by Gaster be visible.

If you even accept to try and make a cover for this it would be amazing :smiley: Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Title: Poems for past loves
Author: Only_Liz
Genere: Poetry
summary; random poems i have written for ex’s
Payment Follow???
Main idea; red mostly anything that will catch someones eye
thank you


@FayeLeePNash @Arkotract i mostly use Canva because I’m cheap haha :slight_smile:


ok i’ll start to make it as soon as possible :heart:


and for payment, just a follow on my acc would be fine :sweat_smile:


sure, I’ll get to it as soon as I can xx


also, once i’ve shown you the cover, feel free to ask me to make it a different way or to add specific things. i promise i won’t get upset or anything if you give me some feedback :heart:


Alright, got it :slight_smile:
Thanks for doing this :smiley:


If you don’t like it, just tell me and I’ll change it xx



I was trying to go for a sombre, sort of sad feel…it’s simple but :sweat_smile:



Yeah that works well :slight_smile: Thanks, especially with Chara and Frisk’s ghosts in the background with Gaster in dominance, it fits the story. Thanks so much :smiley:


no problem, I’m glad you don’t completely hate it :sweat_smile:


I don’t hate it. :smiley: You’ve done really good, making covers is an amazing skill :slight_smile:


ok here’s your cover, it’s kinda simple so tell me if you want me to add or change anything xx



aw thank you :blush:


Anytime :slight_smile:


Can you add color red up there? :slight_smile: Thanks … I wanted to see the results …Thank youuuuu.