Book Critiques (All Genres Accepted) (One Spot Open)




I’d love to have mine looked at

Judge’s Vanquish’s-vanquish-author’s-note

I also love Beauty and the Beast!


book name: memories mistaken
book link:
password: Romeo and Juliet/ cinderella
genre: romantic suspense
Mature: not that much so far, some rough manly dialogues but not any abuses as of now. but definitely i wouldn’t recommend it for under 13 years old as the starting of the book is like an action scene.








@AugustineReverie How many chapters do you want me to critique?


I’m not sure how many you’re offering? I’d love a couple, the first few are under 1k words, but up to you. How many of yours do you want me to read in exchange?


I don’t half a set offer. I would read all of your chapters, however in short increments: five per day. I don’t expect anything in return as you’ve already completed the payment, but feel free to check out the second chapter of Wing Girl for Prince Charming.


Yes, I will do that! I’d love to see what you have to say about my chapters, especially the later ones–I’ve only had one person crit those. Take your time.


Check out my story Half Life. Here’s the link:
Genre: Teen Fiction
Rating: PG (no mature content)
Password: sailormoon


Password: Macbeth

Title: Shattered
Genre: Werewolf
Summary: When girls say, “I’m not like other girls”, they haven’t met Esmeralda Bloom. She may be the heir to her parents’ billion dollar company, but there was no way in hell she was going to be some boring CEO in the not-so-distant future. Instead, she used the fame that came with her parents’ fortune to start her own celebrity career. At least until she got bit by a werewolf. Wait till the tabloids hear about THAT!

She was willing to accept that there were humans that could turn into wolves. Sure, it took a hell of a lot of proof to convince her but what sane person believes in werewolves anyway?

But mates? And an alpha hierarchy where she’s supposed to obey the orders of some man as if she ever bothered to listen to any authority figure in her life? That’s even harder to believe than werewolves.

If Esmeralda had to go from a teen celebrity with mommy issues to a werewolf soldier with a “chosen one” complex, then she was going to do it her way.

The story is on-going but I appreciate honest and raw constructive critiquing. I will read your story and give comments on that as well. What kind of comments would you prefer?








I have completed my payment.


Title: Crave
Author: KateAnnee
Genre: Short story
Maturity: PG13 (cussing)
Summary: People are society’s puppets. They act out their lives according to society’s script, not wanting to stand out or be judged.

Layla Collins didn’t want to act anymore. She wanted to rewrite the script, make it her own but she couldn’t do it alone.

Romeo and Juliet






All the Lights are On
Light swearing and some minor violence

“If there was one thing that could throw this town on its head, of course it’d be the goddamned McKenzie house.”

The McKenzie house stood tall and proud, its walls worn down by time and weather. It sat with windows boarded and shutters closed, with doors locked and a porch full of holes. It was still for sale, but nobody in their right minds would buy it. First it lost its family, then its charm, and finally its power. For the past two decades, the house stood overlooking Weary Ranch, cold and dark and desolate. On one cold September morning, the citizens of Weary Ranch woke up to alarming news: all the lights were on in the McKenzie house.

Wall-e, because who doesn’t like wall-e.

Thank you!


Password: Pocahontas
Genre: Werewolf
Maturity rating: Mature. Scenes of violence and gore. There are two sexual-type scenes. If you’re uncomfortable reading those, stop before chapter 11.
Ideally, I’d be so grateful if you could review the first 3 chapters!