Book Critiques (All Genres Accepted) (One Spot Open)





Good to know. Accepted.


Long time no see, Shay! Once, long ago, you critiqued the first 5 chapters of The Greatest Obsession for a book club and I would love to catch up. :slight_smile:

Password: Hamlet

Title: The Greatest Obsession
Genre: Vampire (Historical LGBT romance)
Chapters: 26 (including prologue)
Maturity Rating: Mature for vampire gore, some instances of violence in the latest chapters posted, peril, swearing, and sexual situations.

Hope to hear from you soon!






Hi! I only have one chapter so far as I want to make sure it’s as polished as can be before I move forward!

Macbeth & The Little Mermaid

Title/Link: Stone of Kairos
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: Young adult. People in this age group can understand certain topics that are covered in the novel (such as genocide), as well as being able to relate to the characters (the MC is 16).

Thank you so much in advance! xx




Uhm hi im notyet publishing my book…so i dont think i can give the link of my book…but do you accept critiquing drafts?? And im willing to give the payment and do the other steps as long as i received a positive response…since im wondering if my story is worth publishing and worth reading or not…and if it is also worth making to be R rated or nahhh…thats all thank youuu


I’ve finished the payment!