Book help!!!!

Hi, I’m writing a book full of poems and my art and I’m trying figure out how I’m going to publish it. But my drawings are on paper, should I scan them onto my poems (which are on Google docs)? Or should I write them down with my art? Or should I use photoshop or something to have my art on there with my poems, but the thing is I’m not that good at digital art like some people. What would you do?

I’d scan them, and manipulate them a bit in photoshop- crack up the colors and what not that are lost in the scanning process. Then format them all pretty on the final project.


Are you aiming for print, or ebook only?

Print can be expensive. Especially if you’re printing a lot of images in full color. There are boutique printers (called offset printers) which can probably help you through the process, for an extra service fee.

A few on my list to look into: