Book ideas help



I need help on book ideas, what would you like to read? I also want to use that book and turn it into a comic when I finish it, but I need a really good interesting idea. Maybe something with a strong princess similar to Elsa or Moana but a young adult version and not the kid’s version, but I have no idea what to do. If that makes any sense.


I’d love to read something which turns the most common tropes and clichés upside down. Something I haven’t seen a thousand times before. For example:

  • Good government fighting evil rebel alliance
  • The girl falls in love with an unattractive dork instead of the hot dude
  • Fantasy mixed with science fiction
  • The main female character is a small, timid nerdie instead of bold, badass heroine
  • Original supernatural creatures (instead of obligatory vampires or werewolves) or creatures from lesser-known mythologies
  • Reluctant heroes (“I didn’t sign up for this”)

I’ll let you know if I remember something else.


The best advice is to just start writing. Don’t worry about trying to fit anything in to your story and let it naturally develop.


Harley Quinn like princess. Grew up with a silver spoon up her arse but had a few screws loose. Eventually went on to murder her brother (thinking she’d be next in line) only to be the enemy of the kingdom.


I agree with BobRyan874 just start writing what you love. If you need ideas about what you would love to write, think about your idea for a princess in a young adult story. What made you want to do it in the first place? More mature stories more freedom to explore your character without the constrains of being kid friendly? Something else?