Book reading events - What do readers expect from the author?

I’m looking forward to getting the chance to host a book reading (or an author reading as some call it) or a book presentation someday so I’d like to educate myself on this matter - I’m sure this topic might be helpful to other writers who recently published their work as well!
The average book reading lasts for an hour - what should happen in that hour or what’s your idea of a good book reading? How can the author engage with the audience? I read about a writer who doesn’t read from her book for longer than 12 minutes so the audience wouldn’t get bored and I totally agree with that! But what else should be part of the program? How do you engage your audience instead of just go on and on about your book and career for an hour?
Thank you!

Talk a bit about your journey and the book. Then pick an exciting part of the book to read from, and read it in an animated way. Remember, the audience wants to be ENTERTAINED. Then open for questions.

Be prepared in case people don’t have questions. Ask THEM questions – How did they hear about this? What do they like to read? Are any of them writers themselves? You can ask them if there’s a topic they’d like you to expound on – the writing process, finding a publisher, etc.

Save time for signing books. Look people in the eye. If you’re talking to an individual, focus on them – make that person feel like he or she is the only person in the room.

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Thank you!! If the event is for high school students, do you think it’d be a good idea if I plan a simple game that helps them build a plot? Like I’d ask them to write down the answers to a few questions (Choose your protagonist’s name, their age, etc.) and then I’d tell them that now they have their own plot and can turn it into a story any time they want. Would that be a good idea? I’m a high school student myself and I believe they’d want to be more engaged and not just listen to my speech.

Oh yes – good idea. I was thinking you were speaking to people at a bookstore signing.