Book Recs

Book recs. Does anyone have any good book recs?


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cool thx! I changed it. did it work?

It sure did!
For recs I strongly recommend looking up In 27 Days by HonorInTheRain! It was such a great read, and I am sure you’ll fall in love with the characters!


Okie. I’ll make sure too check it out!

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what genres do you read?

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uh mostly sci-fi and fantasy and adventure. stuff like that

My own book is a fantasy that takes place in 2 connected realms

This is set in the future with sci-fi/ dystopia aspects

And this has a modern fantasy and tech mix

Hope you like one or all of them

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I’m in the process of writing a medical fiction story that has mystery, adventure, love, and a whole lot of character development. I like developing intricate characters and am especially partial to strong female leads. The story focuses on a doctor who takes on a research fellowship to solve a medical mystery. So far I have five chapters out with more to come!

Would love to hear any feedback if you get a chance to try this out :smile:

Title: Dewdrops

Genre: General Fiction


A doctor who hates patients.

No other description suited Anthony Stanton better than that. Arriving at the esteemed Manifort Hospital, Anthony has only a single goal in mind: to complete his three-year research fellowship in the States and return as quickly as possible to England. However, as he steps into the lobby, little does he expect the adventure that awaits him, filled with heartbreak, unspeakable demons from his past, and a young girl, who will change his life.



A bunch of completed stories of mine:

A book filled with recommendations:

If you like fan fiction, you’ll like this story:

Demon of the Night: Barbara Gordon, daughter of the police commissioner, is determined to follow in her father’s footsteps. The same night a brutal murder occurs she meets Richard Grayson, son of the billionaire Bruce Wayne. Immediately, she knows something is off about him. His skin is too pale and his eyes burn a bright blue. Yet, she cannot help but find herself drawn to his mature charm.

As the murders continue and men begin disappearing around Gotham City, Barbara begins her own investigation into who- or what- is behind these slayings. However, as she gets closer to the truth she becomes entangled in a game of mystery, the supernatural, and pure evil.

Across the Stars: Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, lives a young man named Han Solo. With no real goal in life and working odd jobs around town just to get by, Han believes his existence will forever remain mundane and ordinary. However, when a spaceship crashes in the desert, Han will soon find his life become just a little more interesting…

You might like O2 by @sarakbeeksma
The Permutation by @SaintCole
Lark’s Silence by @thirteenways2die
They all fall under sci-fi and fantasy genres^ you might like to take a look at their other books as well I’ve read couple books from each of the writers listed and came to enjoy their work

Other books that come to mind are
You Broke me by @MisterTent (under horror so it depends on how you do with some of that)
Ember by @Lauren_Sophie
The Fourth Protector (Book 1) by @BriBaker415
The Dream Weaver by @The3dreamers (Series)

Disclamer I have read The Fourth Protector, The Dream Weaver, and Ember long ago(old account old) but from what I remember I really enjoyed them so they might be worth a look


Thank you for recommending O2!

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It deserved it ^-^

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If you’re into fantasy/scifi, deffs check out CrystalScherer. I have my own fantasy storu as well :slight_smile:

Awww, thx.

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Sierra by @JCRohrer is amazing
Help Line by @Kayla deals with some heavy topics but I loved the story.
Machine and Magic by @breakwave is a STUNNING Sci-Fi Fantasy.


Title: New World

Genre: Fantasy/Action-Adventure

Chapters: 26 (Ongoing, Updates Every Other Sunday)

Summary: One day I woke up with a single thought racing throughout my mind, “Stay alive… Find the truth.”

Follow the story of Anthony, a boy who one day woke up with only the clothes on his back and the name given to him at birth, on a cliffside to a world which he doesn’t recognize; a world in which he doesn’t belong to. Alongside Jay, a cold but full-hearted-mentor. Follow them as they use the unlimited arts of magic to make connections throughout this cruel world and fight to find the truth they desire.


Please Come Check Out My Story. Thank You!

Teen Fic/Sci-Fi


Jasmine was hoping buying a used Jeep for her seventeenth birthday would be the start to a great year. Things were looking up until she caught her ex-boyfriend Elliot cheating on her at Prom. It didn’t help that she was already facing an eating disorder and trying to overcome the fact that her father left when she was younger. Thankfully she had her best friend Regina with her at her side.

Life changed that fateful day when she noticed a strange light in the park. Her poor judgment told her to visit the park and she did. Little did she know that touching that light would give her a power. An element if you will. She had the power to bring things back to life. This new power completely changed her life. Would she be able to trust anyone with these powers?

At best her secret was probably safe with Regina. But Elliot was a different story. In fact, he was already out to make life miserable. There would be no telling what Elliot would do if he ever knew the truth. The fate of the world is in Jasmine’s Hands.


Summary: In the seemingly ordinary city of Gradmid, there is mysterious tree that is said to grant magical abilities to those who present an offering. However, the offering must something of value to the person, and the more valuable the offering is, the more powerful the ability will be. Since the power granted is based off the offering, it’s advised that you choose your offering wisely. If you’re unsure of what to do, feel free to ask previous visitors about their experiences. They’ll be more than happy to share their tales of love, loss, life, despair, and, most importantly, acceptance.

Read here!