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I raised this in the ambassador’s chat cafe thread but just realised I should’ve posted here.

Is there consideration for having an actual book review thread as part of the “Share your story” forum. Or maybe its own forum for posting book reviews.

We have a lot of awesome book review books at this site. It would be nice if all these can be grouped to one forum where we can read a review and click to the book.

NB: this is different to telling someone you can review their work or asking for one.


Bump. So sad no one wants a book review thread :sob:


This should be moved to the critic and storytelling forms


Yeah, it probably does, it’s not really sharing a story per se but a review of a story. So it would be more in line with a critique. Okay, I’ll move it. Thanks


Once moved you should get people


Here is some. Help


Thanks. I haven’t seen this forum used as a platform to post a review or share book review books. It basically gives the option to offer to do a review or give a feedback service, or ask people to share their stories.

I guess I was hoping for a one-stop-shop where I can go to a forum or thread to read a review, without having to rely on tags and wading through review books.

Thanks for sharing this.:blush:


You want to read reviews



There’s so many book review books in Wattpad, I’ve saved a few to my library.

I thought it would be cool to have one place to post a book review like we do for share your story. And to pool all those review books together somehow.

The other benefit, it would help promote the book being reviewed. Might come in handy for our undiscovered writers too.


That is a great idea.